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ImageItem No.Description
 2045-1 (InvCar polybag
13 Parts, 1999
Catalog: SetsUniversal Building SetClassic Basic
 CCegg-1 (InvChupa Chups Egg with Surprise Lego Set
1 Set, 2003
Catalog: SetsPromotional
 4076-1 (InvPteranodon polybag
17 Parts, 2001
Catalog: SetsStudios
 4078-1 (InvT-Rex polybag
18 Parts, 2001
Catalog: SetsStudios
 30112c01 (InvBelville Accessories - Complete Sprue - Horse Tack
Catalog: PartsBelville
 6176c01 (InvBelville, Clothes Accessories - Complete Sprue - Small Bows & Hair Band
Catalog: PartsBelville, Figure Accessory
 6129c03 (InvDragon, Classic with Red Wings
Catalog: PartsAnimal, Air
 6129c04 (InvDragon, Classic with Trans-Neon Orange Wings
Catalog: PartsAnimal, Air
 elephant1c02 (InvElephant with White Tusks
Catalog: PartsAnimal, Land
 jellyfish (InvJellyfish
Catalog: PartsAnimal, Water
 737ac04 (InvPlate, Modified 2 x 4 with Train Coupler Open for Magnet with Blue Magnet Coupling, Train - 8mm Cylinder (737a / x547a)
Catalog: PartsPlate, Modified
 x10c01 (InvScala Accessories - Complete Sprue - Flowers (2 each of Types 2 & 3)
Catalog: PartsScala
 6933c01 (InvScala Accessories - Complete Sprue - Toiletries (Simple Bottle, Pump Bottle, Toothpaste Tube)
Catalog: PartsScala
 45024pb02c01 (InvSnail, Belville (Lazy Loui - Face without Freckles)
Catalog: PartsAnimal, Land
 45024pb01c01 (InvSnail, Belville (Sally Slow - Face with Freckles)
Catalog: PartsAnimal, Land
 973pb0219c02 (InvTorso Alpha Team Logo Green Vest, Dynamite Pattern / Dark Blue Arm Left / Green Arm Right / Light Gray Hands
Catalog: PartsMinifigure, Torso Assembly
 bio015a (InvBionicle Mini - Barraki Mantax (Pearl Dark Gray Torso)
Catalog: MinifigsBionicleBarraki
 sw0161 (InvC-3PO - Pearl Gold with Pearl Light Gold Hands
Catalog: MinifigsStar WarsStar Wars Episode 4/5/6
 exx004s (InvExxon - Blue Legs, Red Hat (Sticker Torso)
Catalog: MinifigsTownClassic TownGas Station
 sw0106 (InvLuke Skywalker (Dagobah, Sand Green Tank Top, Backpack)
Catalog: MinifigsStar WarsStar Wars Episode 4/5/6
 oct037a (InvOctan - Blue Oil, Blue Legs, Life Jacket, Blue Helmet 4 Stars & Stripes, Trans-Light Blue Visor
Catalog: MinifigsTownClassic Town
 pln100 (InvPlain Blue Torso with White Arms, Blue Legs, Blue Helmet, Black Underwater Visor, Yellow Airtanks, Black Flippers - Diver
Catalog: MinifigsTownClassic Town
 pin073 (InvPin, Cross with Swiss Red Cross Tile - SRK / SSB 1979 Fund Raiser
Catalog: GearPatch & Pin
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