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ImageItem No.Description
 47457pb06 Brick, Modified 2 x 2 x 2/3 Two Studs, Curved Slope End with Slytherin Pattern (Sticker) - Set 5378
Catalog: PartsBrick, Modified, Decorated
 57887 Duplo Wear Crown, Open Top
Catalog: PartsDuplo, Figure Wear & Utensil
 57906pb006 Hinge Plate 3 x 12 with Angled Side Extensions and Tapered Ends with Dark Red Electricity Danger Sign and 'HI VOLTAGE' Pattern (Sticker) - Set 8107
Catalog: PartsHinge, Decorated
 2587pb21 Minifigure, Armor Breastplate with Leg Protection, Fantasy Era Crown King Pattern
Catalog: PartsMinifigure, Body Wear
 6168c01pb02 Support 2 x 2 x 11 Solid Pillar with Black Dots and 'Extreme Danger' Pattern (Stickers) - Set 7714
Catalog: PartsSupport
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