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Dark Brown Minifigure, Hair Short Combed Sideways Part Left

Part No: 99930  Name: Minifigure, Hair Short Combed Sideways Part Left

This Part appears in at least the following items:

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 Item No  Description   Year 
Appears As Regular:
  Dark Brown:
 1 in 75184-6 (Inv)Advent Calendar 2017, Star Wars (Day 5) - Resistance Officer2017Yes
 1 in 76052-1 (Inv)Batman Classic TV Series - Batcave2016Yes
 1 in 40358-1 (Inv)Bean There, Donut That2018Yes
 1 in 60214-1 (Inv)Burger Bar Fire Rescue2019Yes
 1 in 10257-1 (Inv)Carousel2017Yes
 1 in 70168-1 (Inv)Drillex Diamond Job2015Yes
 1 in 76026-1 (Inv)Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas2015Yes
 1 in 4000022-1 (Inv)Inside Tour (LIT) Exclusive 2016 Edition - LEGO Truck Show2016Yes
 1 in 76077-1 (Inv)Iron Man: Detroit Steel Strikes2017Yes
 1 in 75883-1 (Inv)MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team2017Yes
 1 in 60202-1 (Inv)People Pack - Outdoor Adventures2018Yes
 1 in 10261-1 (Inv)Roller Coaster2018Yes
 1 in 60132-1 (Inv)Service Station2016Yes
 1 in 21302-1 (Inv)The Big Bang Theory2015Yes
 1 in 70811-1 (Inv)The Flying Flusher2014Yes
 1 in 70171-1 (Inv)Ultrasonic Showdown2015Yes
 1 in sh369 (Inv)Agent Coulson2017Yes
 1 in uagt033 (Inv)Agent Curtis Bolt2015Yes
 1 in uagt026 (Inv)Agent Curtis Bolt with Wings - No Stickers on Wings2015Yes
 1 in gen078 (Inv)Boy, Denim Jacket, Tan Short Legs2016Yes
 1 in sh235 (Inv)Bruce Wayne - Ascot and Button Down Shirt2016Yes
 1 in cty0964 (Inv)Burger Chef2019Yes
 1 in twn295 (Inv)Dad, Plaid Flannel Shirt with Collar, Olive Green Legs, Dark Brown Smooth Hair2017Yes
 1 in tlm054 (Inv)Dr. McScrubs2014Yes
 1 in cty0909 (Inv)Hiker, Male Parent, Palm Tree Shirt, Moustache, Dark Brown Smooth Hair2018Yes
 1 in cty0672 (Inv)Medium Blue Uniform Shirt with Pocket and Octan Logo, Dark Blue Legs, Dark Brown Smooth Hair2016Yes
 1 in sc046 (Inv)Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team Manager2017Yes
 1 in twn278 (Inv)Office Worker2017Yes
 1 in game016 (Inv)Overalls Blue over V-Neck Shirt, Blue Legs, Dark Brown Smooth Hair, Black and Silver Sunglasses, Black Eyebrows2016Yes
 1 in twn326 (Inv)Queasy Rider2018Yes
 1 in sw0876 (Inv)Resistance Officer (Major Brance)2017Yes
 1 in idea013 (Inv)Sheldon Cooper2015Yes
 1 in twn347 (Inv)Suit Jacket Buttoned with Red Tie, Dark Bluish Gray Legs, Dark Brown Smooth Hair2018Yes
 1 in sh149 (Inv)Truck Driver - Overalls2015Yes
 1 in 40172 (Inv)Iconic Brick Calendar2017Yes
 2 in 40161 (Inv)What am I?2016Yes


 Color  In   Total Qty 
Appears As Regular:
 Dark Brown 36  37 

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