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White Legs Short

Part No: 41879  Name: Legs Short

This Part appears in at least the following items:

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 Item No  Description   Year 
Appears As Regular:
 1 in 76126-1 (Inv)Avengers Ultimate Quinjet
815 Parts, 6 Minifigs
Catalog: SetsSuper HeroesAvengers Endgame
2019Set No: 76126  Name: Avengers Ultimate Quinjet
 1 in 80101-1 (Inv)Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner
592 Parts, 6 Minifigs
Catalog: SetsHoliday & EventChinese New Year
2019Set No: 80101  Name: Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner
 1 in colhp-4 (Inv)Draco Malfoy in Quidditch Robes, Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts (Complete Set with Stand and Accessories)
4 Parts, 1 Minifig
Catalog: SetsCollectible MinifiguresHarry Potter
2018Set No: colhp  Name: Draco Malfoy in Quidditch Robes, Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts (Complete Set with Stand and Accessories)
 1 in 41288-1 (Inv)Mojo Jojo Strikes
191 Parts, 4 Minifigs
Catalog: SetsPowerpuff Girls
2018Set No: 41288  Name: Mojo Jojo Strikes
 1 in 70657-1 (Inv)Ninjago City Docks
3494 Parts, 14 Minifigs
Catalog: SetsThe LEGO Ninjago Movie
2018Set No: 70657  Name: Ninjago City Docks
 1 in 75956-1 (Inv)Quidditch Match
472 Parts, 6 Minifigs
Catalog: SetsHarry Potter
2018Set No: 75956  Name: Quidditch Match
 1 in 71256-1 (Inv)Team Pack - Gremlins
88 Parts, 2 Minifigs
Catalog: SetsDimensionsDimensions Wave 7
2016Set No: 71256  Name: Team Pack - Gremlins
 1 in hol139 (Inv)Daughter, Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner
Catalog: MinifigsHoliday & EventChinese New Year
2019Minifig No: hol139  Name: Daughter, Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner
 1 in colhp04 (Inv)Draco Malfoy (Quidditch) - Minifigure Only Entry
Catalog: MinifigsCollectible MinifiguresHarry Potter
2018Minifig No: colhp04  Name: Draco Malfoy (Quidditch) - Minifigure Only Entry
 1 in dim032 (Inv)Gizmo - Dimensions Team Pack
Catalog: MinifigsDimensions
2016Minifig No: dim032  Name: Gizmo - Dimensions Team Pack
 1 in hp138 (Inv)Harry Potter, Quidditch Uniform
Catalog: MinifigsHarry Potter
2018Minifig No: hp138  Name: Harry Potter, Quidditch Uniform
 1 in njo438 (Inv)Lil' Nelson
Catalog: MinifigsThe LEGO Ninjago Movie
2018Minifig No: njo438  Name: Lil' Nelson
 1 in ppg001 (Inv)Mojo Jojo
Catalog: MinifigsPowerpuff Girls
2018Minifig No: ppg001  Name: Mojo Jojo
 1 in sh569 (Inv)Rocket Raccoon - White Jumpsuit
Catalog: MinifigsSuper HeroesAvengers Endgame
2019Minifig No: sh569  Name: Rocket Raccoon - White Jumpsuit


 Color  In   Total Qty 
Appears As Regular:
 White 14  14 

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