Problem with Order Item

If a situation arises where one or more items in an order need to be removed from that order or quantity needs to be decreased then you can submit an Order Item Removal Request

To do this enter the order ID of the order to be changed and press the Edit Order button. On the next page, select if you want to delete a whole item or only decrease quantity. After you submit your request, your buyer or seller in that order will have an option to approve or deny that request.

You can see your submitted requests at any time on the Order Item Removal Request page in section "Order Item Removal Requests I Submitted". Above your requests submitted is a section titled "Order Item Removal Requests For Me To Approve". This section shows requests to remove items in orders which require your approval (or denial). Under column "Action", select to Approve or Deny the request from the selection menu by each request.

Your MyBrickLink page shows a count of requests pending your approval (if any) under the "My Action Items" column.

Removal of Item: Order Totals and Fee Recalculation:
Upon approval when an item from an order is removed or quantity decreased, the system recalculates the order total, items in order, lots in order and fee by selecting all items in the order after the update has been done and going through the items in the order one by one using the same algorithm as when submitting an order in a store.

The order status is set to Updated and payment status to None. The order date, order status change date and order payment status change date will be set to the current date. Order will also be flagged as not invoiced and drive thru e-mail not sent.

Returning Items in Order back to Seller's Inventory:
For buyer-to-seller requests, the seller is presented with a "Return" checkbox which when checked will move the item back to the seller's inventory in the quantity that is being removed.

If an item in the order is already in the seller's inventory, the item will be Consolidated with the same item in the seller's inventory. Otherwise, the item will be added as a new item to the seller's inventory.

The seller can also check the "Stockroom" checkbox to move the item to stockroom and "Retain" for the item to be retained in the seller's inventory after it is sold out.

Request Status:
Each request has a status. The following is an explanation of each status:

- Request is pending approval from your buyer or seller.
- Request has been completed and requested item removed or quantity decreased.
- Request has been denied by your buyer or seller.
- Request has been cancelled by the system if the request status was still pending when the order was cancelled.

The following are conditions under which an order item removal request cannot be completed:
  • Order has been Cancelled or has been Purged from the system.
  • If an order item has a Bulk Amount, the buyer can only subtract quantity in multiples of the bulk amount.