Orders Placed Page

Quick help for the Orders Placed page. Not all of these options are included on the orders placed page by default. You can add or remove orders placed columns on your Orders Placed Columns page. The following is an explanation of columns in the order in which they appear on the orders placed page.
  • Click on the Order ID to view the order detail screen including items in that order.
  • Order Date is the date the order was submitted or last updated.
  • Explanation of Icons:

    • - Contact icon. Click on it to contact the seller.

    • / - My note on order icon. It has a blue pin when you have a note on the order.
    • / - My note on seller icon. Click on the icon to store a note on that specific seller or delete a note already stored. Mouse over the icon to view the note. It has a red pin when you have a note on the seller.
    • - Wanted List icon. Click on the icon to view a list of items in your Wanted List which are on the order.
    • / - Seller's Store icon. Click on the icon to enter the seller's store. If the store is closed, suspended or no longer registered, it shows disabled.
    • / / - Feedback Rating icon (more info)

  • Click on the Seller's Username to view their address.

  • Req. in the Insurance column indicates that you have requested insurance for that order but the seller has not yet entered the cost of the insurance.

  • Grand Total is the order total plus shipping, insurance and additional charges minus credit entered by the seller, and may vary from store to store.

  • Pmt In is the currency code of the currency which you selected to pay for the order in.

  • Order Status - See Order Status table for explanation of what each status means. When the seller changes the order status to Shipped, the order status on your orders placed page changes to a selection menu giving you an option to change the status to Received or Completed. The option to change order status is available while the order status is Shipped or Received. Changed column next to order status indicates when the status was last changed.

  • Feedback Me / Them shows what type of feedback (if any) was left by You or the seller for this order. You can also post all outstanding feedbacks at once using our Mass Feedback Post function.

  • File an Order - You can file an order if the order status is Completed, Cancelled, OCR or the order status hasn't changed for the past 30 days.

  • Paid - You can optionally check the checkbox when you have submitted payment. Red background indicates that payment has not been sent yet and green indicates that payment has been sent.