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Wanted List Mass Upload

Help Center: Wanted List
If you want to add a lot of items to your wanted list and it is too time-consuming to add them via the Add Item to My Wanted List screen, you can Mass Upload your items into BrickLink via an XML file. How you generate that file is up to you.

The following is a sample file containing 3 items to be listed. The first 2 are basic and the 3rd is advanced. Detailed explanation of all tags follows. You may cut + paste the below lines of code and test the upload verification process to see how they come out. Each item in your file goes through thorough verification before being accepted for upload. If there is an error on an item, the verification process will stop there, tell you of the error and ask you to correct your file and re-submit it.

Sample File:
        <REMARKS>for MOC AB154A</REMARKS>
Each file must begin with a <INVENTORY> tag and end with a </INVENTORY> tag.
Each item you are listing must begin with a <ITEM> tag and end with a </ITEM> tag.

Each tag must begin with its own tag and end with a corresponding closing tag. The tags that are optional don't require to have any data in them and you are not required to generate the tags. You can generate the tags in any order you want. Omitting a required tag will generate errors and your file will not be processed.

<ITEMTYPE> (Required) Item Type (Field Explanation | Download Item Type Table)
<ITEMID> (Required) Item Number (Field Explanation)
<COLOR> (Optional) Color ID (Field Explanation | Download Color Table)
Leave blank for all item types except parts. For parts, leave blank if you are looking for this item regardless of color. Otherwise, this is the color ID of the part in which the item you are looking for comes in.
<MAXPRICE> (Optional) Maximum Desired Price
This is the maximum price you are willing to pay for this item. Leave blank if you want to be notified regardless of the price of the item(s) for sale.
<MINQTY> (Optional) Minimum Desired Quantity
This is the minimum quantity you want to buy of this item. Leave blank if you want to be notified regardless of the quantity of this item in each lot listed for sale.
<CONDITION> (Optional) Condition (Field Explanation)
Leave blank if you want to be notified regardless of condition. Otherwise enter (N to be notified only if the item is New) or (U only if the item is Used).
<REMARKS> (Optional) Remarks (Field Explanation)
These are your own remarks about the item visible only to you.
<NOTIFY> (Optional) Notification Preference
Leave blank or enter Y to be notified by e-mail when new lot(s) of this item are listed for sale or enter N to not be notified by e-mail.
<WANTEDSHOW> (Optional) Show in Items For Sale Queries
Leave blank or enter Y for this item to be included in item for sale queries or enter N for this item to not be included in item for sale queries.
<WANTEDLISTID> (Optional) ID of my Additional Wanted List (Field Explanation)
Omitting this tag will upload the item to your main wanted list. Enter the ID of your wanted list you wish to upload this item to.

Additional Notes:
If an item is already on your wanted list then the following will happen: If wanted qty is not entered then the item will be excluded from upload. If wanted qty is entered and existing wanted qty is N/A then the wanted qty on the existing item will be changed to the new wanted qty. If wanted qty is entered and existing wanted qty is not N/A then the wanted qty of the item in the upload will be added to the qty of the existing item.

  • The XML upload doesn't support the ampersand (&). Use &amp; instead of &.
  • The XML upload doesn't support HTML tags. Use &lt; instead of < and &gt; instead of >

  • Maximum file size is 204800 bytes.
  • If the upload errors out in the middle, the whole file is rolled back and your wanted list is returned to how it was before the file was uploaded.
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