Parting out an Item into my Wanted List

If you want to add individual parts that make up a set into your wanted list then you can part out the set into your wanted list if the set has been inventoried. Set inventories which contain info on what minifigures and parts a set consists of allow a member to enter a set number on the Part out an Item to my Wanted List screen and is given an editable list of parts which that set contains ready to be uploaded into the member's wanted list.

Please be aware that the information which parts in which colors and which minifigures a certain set consists of must be entered into the catalog database before it can be used in this functionality. Inventorying sets and minifigures is a community effort to which you can also contribute. For more information on that, please visit the Inventories page.

How it Works:
The following is an explanation of the options available in this function:
  • Choose Item - Select an item from the window without knowing the exact item number.
  • Item Number - Enter the Item number, it is always (with few exceptions) written somewhere on the box and on the instructions manual.

  • Item Multiplier - Enter the number of items which you are parting out.

  • Whole Minifigures or Minifigure Parts - Selecting whole minifigures will give you all parts in that set and whole minifigures. Selecting minifigure parts will pull information of what parts make up the minifigures in that set and add those parts to the parts which are in that set. In case there is no information available on what parts a minifigure in that set is made out of, that minifigure entry will stay as a whole and you can delete it from that upload if you choose to.

  • Break Sets in Set - Selecting this option will give you all the parts and minifigures in all the sets that the set contains (if any). Unselecting this option will give you the sets themselves that the set contains.
If an item is already on your wanted list then the following will happen:
  • If wanted qty is not entered then the item will be excluded from upload.
  • If wanted qty is entered and existing wanted qty is N/A then the wanted qty on the existing item will be changed to the new wanted qty
  • If wanted qty is entered and existing wanted qty is not N/A then the wanted qty of the item in the upload will be added to the qty of the existing item.