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Get ready for the preview release of Instant Checkout

by BrickLink Team | Jun 13, 2017 17:48 EST

Dear BrickLink sellers,

We know that selling on BrickLink is a unique experience, one which is unmatched by any other marketplace platform. We've heard that many of you are tired of sending invoices, worrying about non-paying buyers, and dealing with cancellation requests. We've listened to your feedback and have been diligently working on a solution to these common seller woes. After a considerable amount of time and effort put in from the team, we are pleased to finally announce that the long-awaited preview of Instant Checkout will premiere by the end of this month.

You may wonder why it took so much time for BrickLink to implement such a basic e-commerce feature. It’s simply because BrickLink is not like any standard e-commerce site. Despite its many drawbacks and inconveniences, worldwide BrickLink sellers have fully stretched out the flexibility of manual invoicing to provide unique perks and negotiable offers for their buyers. As a result, each store comes with unique policies for shipping and handling fee calculations. For example, some stores offer special discounts for qualified orders, some apply conditional insurance to a certain type of packages, etc. We had to read through and analyze thousands of written policies to figure out the most common practices. A dedicated team has been working on this top-priority project for years to make sure our new tool could automate the majority of them in a systematic way.

This newsletter answers many questions you might have for the Instant Checkout feature. We hope your store will participate in this streamlined shopping experience and order management process soon.

What is Instant Checkout?

It’s a combination of a new automated invoicing option and on-site payment methods such as PayPal or Stripe. With automated invoicing, buyers can view the final order price during checkout and make direct payment using on-site payment methods.

Why do I need to switch to Instant Checkout?

In some countries including Germany, E-commerce sites are required to show the final order price to buyers before they are obligated to pay. Instant Checkout is compliant with German E-commerce law and will make your business fully legitimate in any country. In addition, it will help the growth of your business as your store will be more frequently exposed to buyers when a new option to filter stores that support Instant Checkout is introduced to the BrickLink Catalog and Wanted List.

Can I automate the invoicing process without accepting onsite payments?

Yes, you can automate the invoicing process without accepting onsite payments; you’ll just need to set up automation-ready shipping methods. If your buyer chooses one of those shipping methods, they will see the final price during checkout and get an invoice as soon as they place an order.

Can I keep using manual invoicing instead of Instant Checkout?

Of course you can. Instant Checkout is an optional feature for sellers to participate in. If you don’t make any changes to your shipping settings, you can keep using your current manual invoicing methods. For those manual shipping methods, you have the option to enable the price quote feature.

How can I set up Instant Checkout?

If your store already accepts at least one onsite payment method, all you need to do is to set up automation-ready shipping methods to enable Instant Checkout. There are three ways to complete this step:

1. Migration of existing shipping methods

Your existing shipping methods with rate charts will be migrated to the new system along with other settings including insurance and handling fees. You can turn on the automated invoicing option for these methods to enable Instant Checkout.

2. Importing shared shipping methods

Sellers can share automation-ready shipping methods with other sellers in their country. You can review and import any shared shipping methods and customize them as you’d like.

3. Manual setup

In case your shipping policies are described only in your written store/shipping policies, they will not be automatically migrated to the new shipping settings. For that case, you can create a new shipping method or edit existing ones to fill in a predefined rate chart. You may also need to configure additional options and restrictions to match your written shipping policies.

How does it calculate shipping cost?

Shipping cost is determined by the predefined rate chart of each shipping method. Three different types of rate chart are supported:

  * Weight band: shipping cost is determined by the total item weight and destination zone
  * Price band: shipping cost is determined by the total item price and destination zone
  * Flat rate: A flat shipping rate will be applied per each destination zone

Each zone contains a list of countries which sellers can customize.

What are the additional options and restrictions I can configure for automation?

Additional options and restrictions can be configured by adding customizable rules.

Discount options

If you want to waive a portion or the full shipping cost for orders over a certain amount, you can add shipping discount rules.

Insurance options

Insurance options can be added for a zone or multiple zones with or without additional fees. You can set up your own flexible insurance policies with a combination of item price range and buyer/seller requests.

Tracking options

Sellers may also add tracking options with or without additional fees based on the item price, shipping fee, total weight, or when an order is insured.

Handling fees

Handling fees can be added based on the item price, per lot average value, or by a fixed price or rate.

Package restrictions

Since each shipping method has different package restrictions, sellers can configure the max package weight, dimension, length, volume, or girth to match each courier’s shipping methods.

How can buyers keep their orders open for multiple order batches with Instant Checkout?

Paid orders cannot be combined into order batches. To allow batch orders, you need to set up a manually-invoiced shipping method (i.e. ‘Keep orders open’). Once a buyer is ready to check out, they can choose an Instant Checkout shipping method and the total price will be calculated based on all of the unpaid orders.

Instead of listing multiple shipping methods for buyers, my store always picks the most affordable method for them. Can I still have that option with Instant Checkout?

If you don’t want your buyers to choose from a list of shipping methods, you can use the ‘Grouping’ feature. When multiple shipping methods are combined into a group, only the cheapest method within that group will be shown to buyers during checkout.

How can I manage orders received with Instant Checkout?

There is no additional action required to manage Instant Checkout orders. All Instant Checkout orders are received in ‘Paid’ status - you just need to pack and ship them.

When will this be available?

A seller preview of Instant Checkout will begin on June 21st, 2017. Sellers will be able to access new shipping method settings and experience the Instant Checkout shopping experience in their own stores. The public release schedule for Instant Checkout will be announced during the preview session.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment on this post.

BrickLink Instant Checkout Team

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View Thread Re: Coming Soon: Instant Checkout   -   jbricks(9996)
Sounds great :D please let the beta period run for at least a month to be able to straighten out all bugs, but more important, to make sure sellers now what margins to handle. But most im...
(581 days ago, 2017-06-13, to Announce)
View Thread Re: Coming Soon: Instant Checkout   -   randyipp(808)
This sounds great and quite a bit to configure, but worth it. Looking forward to reading lots of posts about it, and someone eating some bricks on video as well. Very happy to see that you ha...
(581 days ago, 2017-06-13, to Announce)
View Thread Re: Coming Soon: Instant Checkout   -   nectara(2536)
Good job Now let's wait for the old farts to start complaining
(581 days ago, 2017-06-13, to Announce)
View Thread Re: Coming Soon: Instant Checkout   -   rwhitbeck(164)
Re: Seller Preview > experience the Instant Checkout shopping experience in their own stores Currently we're not allowed to shop in our own stores. Will we be able to configure our ...
(581 days ago, 2017-06-13, to Announce)
View Thread Re: Coming Soon: Instant Checkout   -   TheBlockShop(4774)
Two Words: Thank You!
(581 days ago, 2017-06-13, to Announce)
View Thread Re: Coming Soon: Instant Checkout   -   DadsAFOL(31362)
Woo hoo! Just a friendly reminder, we are still missing Priority Mail as a shared rate table for US. Will this be added, and will it correctly calculate the distance/zone between seller and ...
(581 days ago, 2017-06-13, to Selling)
View Thread Re: Coming Soon: Instant Checkout   -   Cob(2303)
Awesome! Very excited! Can the seller force buyers under a certain feedback value to use instant checkout and allow more experienced buyers to pay as they choose? I will be setting up insta...
(581 days ago, 2017-06-13, to Administrative)
View Thread Re: Coming Soon: Instant Checkout   -   WoutR(677)
[...] I am trying to imagine how the shipping would work for a seller in the Netherlands... In order to determine shipping cost, we need to know - size (is it letterbox mail or a parcel...
(581 days ago, 2017-06-13, to Administrative)
View Thread Re: Coming Soon: Instant Checkout   -   Kinggregus(130)
This is fantastic news. Will it be possible to filter out sellers not using the instant check out feature?
(581 days ago, 2017-06-14, to Administrative)
View Thread Re: Coming Soon: Instant Checkout   -   calsbricks(5180)
[...] Good morning and thank you for announcing this new feature. We do not see any reference to volume calculations for shipping (only weight and distance). e.g. Large Letter, small p...
(581 days ago, 2017-06-14, to Announce)
View Thread Re: Coming Soon: Instant Checkout   -   CheshireBricKs(1608)
When this instant checkout is implemented will there be an option to pay via Debit/Credit card? not just PayPal/Stripe? Not sure if I missed something but I think allowing people to pay by card o...
(581 days ago, 2017-06-14, to Buying)
View Thread Re: Coming Soon: Instant Checkout   -   mikmo(1038)
I hope you are aware that there are only 3 countries in the world that does not use the metric system (USA, Liberia and Myanmar), and there will be metric options for weight / size / volu...
(580 days ago, 2017-06-14, to Announce)
View Thread Re: Coming Soon: Instant Checkout - Sales Tax   -   TallyToyBricks(2258)
Sales Tax How will business sellers calculate and invoice for state sales tax? In my case, I collect sales tax from all sales shipped to a Florida address. To further complicate the issue, eac...
(580 days ago, 2017-06-14, to Administrative)
View Thread Re: Coming Soon: Instant Checkout   -   Brickler(1267)
Looking forward to it. This will be a great advantage for the Buyers, to be able to pay as soon as they place they order. Thanks Mike
(579 days ago, 2017-06-15, to Announce)
View Thread Re: Coming Soon: Instant Checkout   -   tEoS(4896)
Disappointing. I really thought that BL would finally take a stand on handling fees, especially percentage based fees that seem to be more of BL fee avoidance* rather than materials cost. Inste...
(579 days ago, 2017-06-15, to Announce)
View Thread Re: Coming Soon: Instant Checkout   -   Acorn04(786)
Thank you. Any estimates on how this will effect sales to new customers?
(578 days ago, 2017-06-17, to Administrative)
View Thread Re: Coming Soon: Instant Checkout   -   SchmickBricks(1474)
[...] Any updates on when this will be rolled out? [...]
(479 days ago, 2017-09-23, to Announce)
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