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 Posted: Jun 25, 2020 22:01
 Subject: Neutral Feedback shouldn't have any effect
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I find it ironic that "Neutral" feedback acts as a "Negative" feedback by lowering
your total feedback score; I really hope Bricklink admins realize that it defeats
the purpose and change it so there's either no effect to your feedback score/your
store's feedback rating, or remove it completely. I know removing it is drastic,
so it'd make more sense to just turn it into a truly neutral rating that
doesn't affect your rating in any way besides just having a neutral feedback.

I've visited many stores who've had their feedback rating drastically
affected (from 100% to ~85%) due to ONE "neutral" feedback from a buyer - it
tanks the score and deters potential customers from shopping due to the affected
rating. I've experienced this first-hand, and it takes around ~20+ positive
feedback from buyers to even restore your score to the upper 90's, all because
of one neutral feedback!

I really hope Bricklink decides to change this, as it affects a lot of stores
who do this as a business, and even more as a hobby (lower amount of orders =
higher chance of your score tanking from a neutral feedback.) Most of the time
(from my experience,) neutral feedback left on stores are trivial at most - especially
buyers complaining over petty things without contacting the sellers first.

Regardless of your store size, neutral feedback is a burden that has far too
heavy of a toll on your rating; it's essentially a Negative feedback, but
at least you know it's not interested in you, Neutral leads you on before
leaving you in the dumps!