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 Posted: Feb 10, 2020 13:10
 Subject: Looking to sell off my parts inventory
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Hello! I have shifted the focus of my store, and am looking to sell off my inventory
of parts.

The lot consists of approximately 37,000 pieces, sorted and bagged. They are
not listed currently, so the inventory will not change. Most items are sorted
into bags of just their color & piece ID, although a few smaller lots may be
combined here and there. Those baggies are put into larger bags based on category
(eg all new 1x? bricks in one bag or all used large plates in a bag). Each large
bag is marked with either a ‘U’ or an ‘N’ based on whether it’s contents are
used or new.

Here are the details:

New: ~30,000 pieces across ~900 lots, ~50lbs, $2700 value (last 6mo sales average)

Used: ~6,500 pieces across ~1200 lots, ~15lbs, $300 value (based on sales of
items in last 6 months)

Total: ~36,500 pieces across ~2100 lots, ~65lbs, $3000 value. Looking to get
$1000 including shipping, so about 67% off of the 6mo average.

I have an XML file you can use to import them directly to your BL store or
the Brickstock program. If you’d like to check out the file beforehand I’d be
happy to send it over.

Please note that the inventory won’t be perfect, but it should be pretty accurate.
The file data is: 37,221 pieces, 2111 lots, 66lbs, $3102 value, so I bumped those
numbers down a little for my estimates.

Shipment will be in 4 large boxes, weighing 16-20lbs each.