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 Subject: Here is a pie in your face
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Elvis Presley (1935–1977) Never liked him, but an important figure in American

Stephen Hawking (1942–2018) It is amazing what this man accomplished despite
such a limiting disability. He is an inspiration for so many.

Soupy Sales (1926–2009) I got to do the Soupy Shuffle with him at a grocery store
grand opening. The are still memes left from his early morning show from Detroit.
However, he never went very far in an acting career.
I thought these trivia stories from IMDB were interesting:

A prank was played on him by the studio crew during a live broadcast of one
of his shows. Upon opening a prop door on his set, a nude dancer was gyrating
in front of him as a recording of "The Stripper" was playing over the studio
loudspeakers. While the woman was out of camera shot for the television feed,
the studio monitors were rigged so Sales could see the nude dancer on them, giving
the impression that she was being broadcast live on his children's show.
Convinced that his career was over, yet still laughing with his crew, he asked
that they cut to a commercial. Only then was he told that the nude dancer wasn't
shown on the live feed. He later joked, "All I really wanted from her was her
autograph." The clip from the show has circulated in several videotape collections
of "bloopers" and out-takes.
In a 1965 incident that nearly ended his career, Sales jokingly told his young
viewers on his syndicated show to "take some of those green pieces of paper with
pictures of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Lincoln and Jefferson on them"
from their parents' wallets and send them to him, and he would send them
a postcard from Puerto Rico. Several young viewers did send Sales some money,
but all were returned. He was suspended from television for two weeks, but the
incident made his show "cool" and boosted his ratings when he returned to the