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 Posted: Jan 5, 2020 16:58
 Subject: Brand Identification stickers
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One of the things that BrickLink needs, is better brand identification in the
larger community of potential buyers. It occurs to me that one way to work towards
this goal is to have BL logo stickers (I.e. The same icon contains the smiling
yellow face 2x2 brick logo). This type of sticker has been used by Apple, in
that one is included with every Apple product. Over the past ~20 years it has
been a white Apple with a bite missing, white the original incarnation was a
6-color Apple.

Our new benevolent overlords have extensive experience in producing stickers,
and presumably they have access to the ability to produce large quantities, that
we (the sellers) could include one with each order. Eventually, you would start
seeing them stuck on laptops and the rear windows of vehicles. Free advertising
for BL !

Thank you for your support.
Nita Rae