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 Posted: Dec 3, 2019 04:23
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 Posted: Dec 3, 2019 06:00
 Subject: Re: contact with seller
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In Help, ManonvLaa writes:
  Hello, I have a question regarding contact with a seller. I bought a nice amount
of lego nearly a week and a half ago, nothing wrong with it only that I missed
a few parts and some parts were deliverd wrong. Can happen, that's not a
problem at all. The problem is though that I sent the seller an email and a messages
through bricklink asking what to do with it. And I haven't heard a thing.
I kept a close eye on the shop, maybe they are busy with some stuff so they are
a bit late with a reaction.... but the fact that it is now nearly a week since
my messages, I am starting to get a bit worried.
So now my question, how long should I give the seller time to respond to my message?
Or can I send the seller a new message? But I don't want to nag.
I cannot find any rules or guide lines about messages, and I am terrible new
to this all.
Thank you in advance, Nonnie

Check your email spam folder for an email from the seller. .

You can start a NSS in the Problem tab or the Problem link on the Order Details