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 Posted: Dec 2, 2019 20:43
 Subject: Sale or Trade: have ewok village & hoth sets
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I have these sets w/ some minifigs:

Set No: 75054  Name: AT-AT
75054-1 (Inv) AT-AT
1108 Parts, 5 Minifigs, 1 Gear, 2014
Sets: Star Wars: Star Wars Episode 4/5/6
Set No: 10236  Name: Ewok Village
10236-1 (Inv) Ewok Village
1928 Parts, 17 Minifigs, 2013
Sets: Star Wars: Star Wars Episode 4/5/6
Set No: 75098  Name: Assault on Hoth - UCS
75098-1 (Inv) Assault on Hoth - UCS
2061 Parts, 15 Minifigs, 2016
Sets: Star Wars: Ultimate Collector Series: Star Wars Episode 4/5/6

The hoth ucs is missing the wampa cave and snowspeeder portions that I know of.
The lot comes with a snowspeeder from the recent set. I think there's the
turret section from the Hoth Attack set too. The recent hoth medical chamber
is included.

Figures included (so far):

Wampa (sealed)
6x Snowtrooper w/ kama
5x Hoth rebel
1x Hoth han solo

1x ewok chirpa
1x ewok warrior
1x ewok logray
1x ewok teebo
1x ewok tokkat (not from village set)
1x leia endor w/ skirt

I'm still looking for some other figs like Wicket. My goal is to generate
enough funds (or trade for) Technic 42100. I might consider other big sets in
trade, though this may be my only chance for the new big Technic set.

Set No: 42100  Name: Liebherr R 9800
42100-1 (Inv) Liebherr R 9800
4108 Parts, 2019
Sets: Technic: Model: Construction