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 Posted: Sep 29, 2018 18:49
 Subject: Inventory Change Request for Set 7048-1
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 Topic: Inventories Requests (Entry)
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Please make changes to the following inventory:
Set No: 7048  Name: Troll Warship
7048-1 (Inv) Troll Warship
442 Parts, 9 Minifigs, 2008
Sets: Castle: Fantasy Era

* Add 4 Part 30383 Dark Bluish Gray Hinge Plate 1 x 2 Locking with 1 Finger On Top
* Add 1 Part 40395c01 Dark Green Dinosaur Tail / Neck Base Section with Black Technic Pin
* Add 1 Part 40378 Dark Green Dinosaur Tail / Neck Middle Section with Pin
* Add 1 Part 40379 Dark Green Dinosaur Tail End Section
* Add 1 Part 59217pb01 Dark Green Dragon Arm with Black Claws - Left
* Add 1 Part 59218pb01 Dark Green Dragon Arm with Black Claws - Right
* Add 1 Part 59227pb01 Dark Green Dragon Head (Fantasy Era / Castle) Lower Jaw with White Teeth Pattern
* Add 1 Part 61639pb01 Dark Green Dragon Head (Fantasy Era) Upper Jaw with Metallic Silver Armor and Yellow Eyes Pattern
* Add 1 Part 62438c01pb03 Dark Green Dragon Leg (Fantasy Era) Left with Black Claws and Metallic Gold Hip Pattern
* Add 1 Part 62436c01pb03 Dark Green Dragon Leg (Fantasy Era) Right with Black Claws and Metallic Gold Hip Pattern
* Add 1 Part 51874pb03 Dark Green Dragon Tail Barbed with Marbled Metallic Gold Pattern
* Add 1 Part 59224c01pb03 Dark Green Dragon Torso (Fantasy Era) with Metallic Silver Dorsal Scales Pattern (7048)
* Add 1 Part 59225c01 Dark Green Serpent Neck S-Curve with (same color) Moveable Ball Joint Pin
* Add 4 Part 30553 Light Bluish Gray Hinge Cylinder 1 x 2 Locking with 2 Fingers and Axle Hole on Ends
* Add 1 Part 3022 Light Bluish Gray Plate 2 x 2
* Add 2 Part 51342pb06 Metallic Gold Dragon Wing 19 x 11 with Marbled Dark Green Trailing Edge Pattern
* Add 4 Part 3749 Tan Technic, Axle Pin without Friction Ridges Lengthwise
* Add 1 Part 6126 Trans-Neon Orange Wave Rounded with Base Pins (Castle Dragon Flame, Seaweed, Water)
* Add 2 Part 53451 White Barb / Claw / Horn - Small
* Change 1 Part Dark Green Dragon03 Dragon (Fantasy Era) with Dark Green Head with Armor, Complete Assembly {Regular to Counterpart}

Comments from Submitter:
All changes preapproved by the Committee for Changing Things in accordance with the Rules for Changing Things as adopted in the 89th Conference on Changing Things which was held in Paris, France in 1364.