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 Posted: Aug 8, 2018 16:39
 Subject: Inventory Change Request for Set 8904-1
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 Topic: Inventories Requests (Entry)
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Please make changes to the following inventory:
Set No: 8904  Name: Avak
8904-1 (Inv) Avak
41 Parts, 2006
Sets: Bionicle: Piraka

* Add 4 Part 54821pb05 Bright Green Bionicle Zamor Sphere (Ball) with Marbled Trans-Bright Green Pattern (match ID 1)
* Change 4 Part Trans-Neon Green 54821 Bionicle Zamor Sphere (Ball) {Regular to Alternate} {match ID 0 to 1}

Comments from Submitter:
Inventory change after introduction of 54821pb05 in the catalog.

This multi-colored ball has been reported in different color variations in the past. To avoid confucion the others are listed as alternate with a quantity matching that of the item in the Regular Items section.