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 Posted: Apr 26, 2014 22:13
 Subject: Inventory Change Request for Set 10123-1
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 Topic: Inventories Requests (Entry)
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Please make changes to the following inventory:
Set No: 10123  Name: Cloud City
10123-1 (Inv) Cloud City
674 Parts, 8 Minifigs, 2003
Sets: Star Wars: Star Wars Episode 4/5/6

* Change 5 Part Tan 4032 Plate, Round 2 x 2 with Axle Hole {match ID 0 to 1}

Comments from Submitter:
I bought Cloud City on November 17, 2004 (I have receipts if required). My version uses part 4032b, not 4032. I know this because I own exactly 5 Tan coloured round plates, and the only set I own with Tan coloured round plates is Cloud City which has 5 of such plates. I have never bought any Tan coloured round plates privately.