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 Posted: Sep 8, 2018 15:43
 Subject: Should 24061pb01/24061pb02 be a Minifig?
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Aanchir (18)

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This was just a thought that occurred to me while doing a catalog search for
the word "baby". https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=24061pb01
(CMF Series 15 Tribal Woman swaddled baby) and https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=24061pb02
(LEGO Friends swaddled baby) are currently listed in the category "parts/other".
I imagine they were originally put here since the mold first appeared as an "accessory"
for a collectible minifigure and the idea of a collectible minifigure packet
coming with TWO figures was, at the time, unthinkable.

Since then, however, a new two-piece "baby minifigure" design has arrived:
This one IS listed as a minifigure — even though one baby of this design, col260,
was included as an "accessory" for the CMF Series 16 Babysitter.

Some might argue that the swaddled baby should not count as a minifig because
it is just one piece — but there are actually quite a lot of single-piece figures
categorized as minifigures here on Brickset:
x162 (Star Wars Sebulba)
30564 (Star Wars Aldar Beedo)
51635 to 51640 (Bionicle Toa Hordika)
51796 to 51801 (Knights Kingdom II Nestle promo figures)
51991a to 51991f (Bionicle Visorak).
85863pb### (printed LEGO Games microfigs — coincidentally, these are named
as "Baby…" by LEGO Customer Service)
90398pb## (printed "statuettes" from Avengers Helicarrier, Super Hero
Airport Battle, NASA Apollo Saturn V, Minifigure Factory, and the new Hogwarts
…as well as Duplo, Primo, Scala, and Belville figures in general. These single-piece
figures still use the types of ID numbers ordinarily associated with parts, rather
than the more typical format used for figures (SW###, HP###, SH###,
etc) — yet the catalog lists them as minifigures anyhow.

Moving the swaddled baby pieces 24061pb01 and 24061pb02 to the
Minifigs section of the catalog would help cut down on the nebulous "other" parts
category, where catalog users and shoppers rarely expect to find specific parts
unless they've already checked all the more clearly defined categories that
they suspect the item they're looking for might be in. Additionally, treating
the swaddled babies as minifigures would allow them to be sorted according to
the theme categories they appeared in (Collectible Minifigures/Series 15 Minifigures
and Friends) Overall, I see a lot of advantages and very few downsides.
But I can't make this change myself since the Catalog Add/Change pages only
allow changes within top-level item categories like "part" and "minifig", not
between them. What are other people's thoughts?