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View Thread Please add alternate number - SylvainLS (37)0 Rpl
Please add alternate number 74261 to (Part 98613c01) as per (URL) (and LDraw and LDD).
(12 months ago, Oct 11, 2020, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Please remove bad Yellow User image for 4447 - SylvainLS (37)2 Rpl
Hi catmins, (Part 4447) The “User image,” the second image shown on the part page, the one you get if you click “User image” in 3D View, (URL) , is a very very bad render of [...]
(18 months ago, Apr 23, 2020, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Another unrecognized variant? - SylvainLS (37)4 Rpl
Hi Catmins, (Part 4207) is being split in LDraw. Well, actually, 4207a has been there for a while but it wasn’t really a variant, it was made because the previous 3D model was [...]
(18 months ago, Apr 18, 2020, to Catalog Requests)