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View Thread part 30101 brown, remove image - samsam2 (1060)
image should be removed for (Part 30101,8) because 30101 doesn't exist in brown, and the image is actually 40253 (Part 40253)
(1 month ago, May 31, 2020, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread default thumbnail - samsam2 (1060)
is it just me or will this be fixed after maintenance mode tonight or are the default thumbnails for the latest multistickers not displaying correctly? (URL) or (Part multistk0019)
(2 months ago, May 8, 2020, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Note for VW Beetle (longer version) - samsam2 (1060)
The current note for (Part 661pb01) could be changed to 'The script "VW" or "VW 1200" may appear on the bottom.' My part (verified 56mm version) only has the text [...]
(4 months ago, Mar 16, 2020, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread G31314 Racers has instructions - samsam2 (1060)
Please enable the instructions for Racers game (Gear G31314) I will then submit an image
(6 months ago, Jan 15, 2020, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread please fix links on help page - samsam2 (1060)
quick fix, links to Star Wars minifigs need zero added since going over sw999 on this page (URL)
(8 months ago, Nov 4, 2019, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread inconsistent dash and hyphen usage in titles - samsam2 (1060)
It is quite likely more correct to use a dash instead of a hyphen/minus in item titles, except it is not easy to type a dash with the standard en-US keyboard layout. To keep [...]
(8 months ago, Oct 31, 2019, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Both apostrophe types being used in titles - samsam2 (1060)
Titles in the Catalog with words that need an apostrophe, either for a possessive noun or for a contraction seem to randomly use one of the two types of apostrophe. The first [...]
(8 months ago, Oct 29, 2019, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread small and large image for sets - samsam2 (1060)
Some sets were using the small and large image to show differences in packaging, like this set (Set 1913-1) but now it is not easy to see the default small image for a set. Only [...]
(10 months ago, Sep 25, 2019, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread poster as instructions 4161-1 Girl Suitcase - samsam2 (1060)
The instructions for set (Set 4161-1) has a note to remove the instructions entry once the poster has been added to the inventory. Either the note should be removed, or the instructions [...]
(10 months ago, Aug 29, 2019, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Remove instructions entry for 8597-1 - samsam2 (1060)
Please remove instructions entry for (Set 8597-1) there is no evidence they exist. The similar boxed version already has the instructions removed. (Set 8598-1)
(11 months ago, Aug 13, 2019, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Flag sticker(s) in Jetport 6396 - samsam2 (1060)
The flag (Part 3596pb08) in Jetport (Set 6396-1) has the word 'sticker' in its name implying one sticker only. From the build instructions of the primary model, it is [...]
(12 months ago, Jul 23, 2019, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread x222 Light Gray image problem - samsam2 (1060)
Please check Light Gray image for (Part x222) this part does not show a small image in set inventories, but there is a Light Gray image for the part. Thanks.
(17 months ago, Feb 20, 2019, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread part 57562 image removal - samsam2 (1060)
Not sure how these images got missed during the project for removal of non-existent colour images. (Part 57562) you'll find 3 of the 5 images can be removed. Thanks. Bill.
(17 months ago, Feb 5, 2019, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread Tile 1 x 6 with Red 'PORSCHE' - samsam2 (1060)
same part? (Part 6636pb115) (Part 6636pb174)
(19 months ago, Dec 17, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread note for 798-1, also sold in Canada - samsam2 (1060)
Please add to note for (Set 798-1) this was also available for sale in Canada, made by Samsonite.
(19 months ago, Dec 6, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread remove image, dark red, 44302 - samsam2 (1060)
Please remove Dark Red image (Part 44302)
(20 months ago, Nov 29, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread door 87653 pairing incorrect - samsam2 (1060)
Please change door pairing (Part 87653) to match #507 and not match #2367
(20 months ago, Nov 13, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread pneumatic hose partial unit lengths - samsam2 (1060)
The old inventories admin version of StormChaser didn't know what to do about a 2cm length of pneumatic hose needed for an inventory, when the catalog only has 2L/1.6cm or [...]
(21 months ago, Oct 30, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread sort by name, Hose, Pneumatic 4mm D. - samsam2 (1060)
In the catalog, when I sort the category of Hose, Pneumatic 4mm D. by item name, I find these parts (Part 5102c45) and (Part 5102c62) are out of order, or is it just me? Also [...]
(22 months ago, Sep 24, 2018, to Catalog Requests)
View Thread remove image metallic gold for part 53583 - samsam2 (1060)
Please MOVE (or delete) the image for metallic gold to pearl gold for Bionicle Mask Olmak (Part 53583) Whether the colour is actually metallic or pearl is debatable, [...]
(26 months ago, May 10, 2018, to Catalog Requests)

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