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View Thread Re: Very rare part - crssprt02pb16a - stecre (1179)
(Part crssprt02pb16a)
(16 months ago, Nov 11, 2018, to Price Guide)
View Thread Re: Minifigureouter, now with baseplate search. - stecre (1179)
[...] Excellent work! This is extremely useful. Thanks so much
(16 months ago, Nov 11, 2018, to Announce)
View Thread Re: Instant Checkout Size Issues (UK) - stecre (1179)
Thanks for the replies. In this case it didn't really matter since I could still post as a large letter in a bigger jiffy which itself weighs slightly more but didn't [...]
(17 months ago, Oct 13, 2018, to Selling)
View Thread Instant Checkout Size Issues (UK) - stecre (1179)
So.... I took the plunge this week and set up Instant Checkout options for my buyers. My main reservation with doing so has always been how on earth BL would correctly calculate [...]
(17 months ago, Oct 13, 2018, to Selling)
View Thread Re: Sainsbury Lego Cards? - stecre (1179)
They are mostly CMF character cards although some do have small builds on them. Check out last year's set here: (URL) Steve In LEGO, hullboxer writes: [...]
(17 months ago, Sep 22, 2018, to LEGO)

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