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View Thread Wooden minifigure - TheBrickGuys (8998)
Today I received the wooden minifigure from lego I ordered about a week ago today and I have to say it is pretty cool. (Gear 853967) I am a cabinet maker / woodworker by trade [...]
(14 days ago, Nov 30, 2019, to General)
View Thread Re: Desperate for advice on relocation - TheBrickGuys (8998)
[...] I agree with you on all your points. Having lists of goals broken down into small goals that are manageable is a great way to go or at least applying it to the above [...]
(20 days ago, Nov 24, 2019, to Off Topic)
View Thread Re: Quick Question - TheBrickGuys (8998)
[...] I would just cancel the order. With 6 ending bad with NSS, INR, INAD and Paypal disputes it seems he is a scammer especially if he is the one getting the PayPal refunds. [...]
(24 days ago, Nov 20, 2019, to Selling)
View Thread Re: No response from Seller about Missing Pieces - TheBrickGuys (8998)
What pieces are missing? If we have them we can send them to you free of charge. Lego has been good to us so I like it when we can help someone out from time to time. Just list [...]
(28 days ago, Nov 16, 2019, to Problem Order)
View Thread Re: BrickStock - adding multiple minifigs at once - TheBrickGuys (8998)
[...] Just a side note..... If anyone wants to own 1 of every minifigure in the catalog then it will cost you a pretty penny based on the 6 month sales average. To figure [...]
(30 days ago, Nov 14, 2019, to Help)
View Thread Re: BrickStock - adding multiple minifigs at once - TheBrickGuys (8998)
[...] Thanks a lot for taking the time to do all the work and share it with us, I really appreciate it!! Jim
(30 days ago, Nov 14, 2019, to Help)
View Thread Re: Extended System Downtime - TheBrickGuys (8998)
[...] +2
(1 month ago, Nov 13, 2019, to Administrative)
View Thread Re: Hewco replies to - Issue with deceptive buyer - TheBrickGuys (8998)
[...] all you have to do is LOOK AT YOUR OWN FEEDBACK!! This is not the first time someone complained about missing pieces and then left you a negative or neutral FB for missing [...]
(1 month ago, Nov 12, 2019, to Help)
View Thread Re: Your terms and condition mean zero. - TheBrickGuys (8998)
[...] Even though your terms do state that IBAN / bank transfer fees are the customers responsibility, I think it would also be a really good idea to let your customers know [...]
(1 month ago, Nov 8, 2019, to Selling)
View Thread Re: Issue with deceptive buyer - TheBrickGuys (8998)
[...] It is always a good idea to look at a store's feedback before placing an order to see how many negative and neutrals they have in comparison to positive feedbacks [...]
(1 month ago, Nov 7, 2019, to Help)
View Thread Re: Display problem in chrome - TheBrickGuys (8998)
[...] Well I fixed the problem but it was interestingly 2 different things affecting it. 1st, as Neik brought out, when I reduced the number of decimals down to 2 that fixed [...]
(1 month ago, Nov 2, 2019, to Problem)
View Thread Re: Oct 2019 - small recovery but ..... - TheBrickGuys (8998)
[...] I have seen this over and over when looking at stores that have not just a high feedback count but have high monthly feedback counts. When ever I look at inventories [...]
(1 month ago, Nov 2, 2019, to General)
View Thread Display problem in chrome - TheBrickGuys (8998)
ANyone else having a problem with showing double lines when searching around in the catalog as shown in attached picture (referring to the two right columns)? It happens [...]
(1 month ago, Nov 2, 2019, to Problem)
View Thread Re: Piqabrick Brick Identification System - TheBrickGuys (8998)
[...] Hi Claudio. This looks like a great project. Right now I just have 2 questions: 1st - Will this work with identifying just one part of a minifigure, such as just the [...]
(1 month ago, Nov 1, 2019, to General)
View Thread Re: Are the stickers of my legoset 1592-2 real? - TheBrickGuys (8998)
[...] Going along with that idea... They may have been moved to a different sheet because the original sheet may have started curling. Some of my sticker sheets which are not [...]
(2 months ago, Oct 30, 2019, to General)
View Thread Re: unexpected extra charge not mentioned on web - TheBrickGuys (8998)
[...] I agree. IF you stick with stores that offer instant checkout then you don't have to worry about those unwanted surprises. Jim.
(2 months ago, Oct 29, 2019, to LEGO)
View Thread Re: celebrating 1 year selling on Bricklink 10% - TheBrickGuys (8998)
[...] Congrats but you might want to look at your feedbacks and maybe change your sale to commemorate selling for a little over 1 1/2 years because you started getting feedback [...]
(2 months ago, Oct 23, 2019, to Sales)
View Thread Re: Desperately Need Advice - TheBrickGuys (8998)
[...] I am glad it has worked out for you (at least so far - I hope the orders arrive with no problems). I had this happen to me once and both customers were very understanding [...]
(2 months ago, Oct 19, 2019, to General)
View Thread Re: wildly differing shipping rates - TheBrickGuys (8998)
[...] I to use these all the time. They hold A LOT OF LEGO! I dont know why other stores do not offer them. The good thing is that when set to use with instant check out based [...]
(2 months ago, Oct 8, 2019, to Shipping)
View Thread Re: Any way to prove a SW0056 is not fake? - TheBrickGuys (8998)
[...] Do you happen to know if other parts in this color are brittle or is it just the parts on the fig? Jim
(3 months ago, Sep 22, 2019, to Catalog Identification)

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