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View Thread Site Performance Issues - Update (May 22) - Admin_Russell32 Rpl
This is the next installment in a series of posts about site performance. You may read the previous posts here: (URL) (URL) In the first post, we mentioned our plan to rewrite [...]
(13 months ago, May 22, 2020, to Administrative)
View Thread Changes to Order Status (Revised May 20) - Admin_Russell10 Rpl
Dear BrickLink members, As a follow-up to these two recent posts: (URL) (URL) …we have extensively revised the XP implementation as it relates to order status issues. Many [...]
(13 months ago, May 21, 2020, to Administrative)
View Thread Update on Order Status settings issue - Admin_Russell17 Rpl
Hello everyone, Regarding the order status settings issue: (URL) Based on feedback we received from you, we have decided to make a number of adjustments to the original XP [...]
(13 months ago, May 13, 2020, to Administrative)
View Thread The Community Expert Program - Admin_Russell6 Rpl
To BrickLink users everywhere: Today we would like to announce a new BrickLink program called the Community Expert Program. This replaces the volunteer admin program which was [...]
(14 months ago, May 9, 2020, to Administrative)
View Thread Changes to Order Status (XP Beta Launch) - Admin_Russell120 Rpl
As a part of the XP Beta release, the following changes to the order status feature have now been applied. Help Pages will be updated in the coming days. 1. Order status change [...]
(14 months ago, Apr 29, 2020, to Administrative)
View Thread COVID-19 Update - Admin_Russell54 Rpl
Dear BrickLink community, We’re all affected to one degree or another by COVID-19, so we’d like to share how we are facing the challenges of this pandemic and how we think [...]
(15 months ago, Mar 25, 2020, to Administrative)
View Thread Site Performance Issues - Update (Mar 12) - Admin_Russell11 Rpl
In light of this message and its positive reception: (URL) we would like to keep you informed about our progress with the site’s performance issues. Recently we moved one of [...]
(16 months ago, Mar 12, 2020, to Administrative)
View Thread Site Performance Issues - Admin_Russell114 Rpl
In response to your feedback from the recent AMA session, we decided to do a special study of the site’s performance and begin a formal project with the goal of making a noticeable [...]
(16 months ago, Feb 25, 2020, to Administrative)
View Thread The Acquisition - even more FAQs - Admin_Russell27 Rpl
Dear BrickLink members, We've just added a few more FAQs to the list based on questions raised since the release of the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: (URL) These [...]
(18 months ago, Dec 23, 2019, to Administrative)
View Thread Terminated members and the Forum - Admin_Russell20 Rpl
This is just a bit of information for the Forum regulars, especially those who have switched their Forum settings to not hide canceled posts. As online privacy concerns continue [...]
(19 months ago, Dec 7, 2019, to Administrative)
View Thread The LEGO Group acquires BrickLink - more FAQs - Admin_Russell27 Rpl
Dear BrickLink members, We've added several new FAQs based on the responses we have received since the announcement was made. You can see the updated list here: (URL) These [...]
(19 months ago, Nov 28, 2019, to Administrative)
View Thread Extended System Downtime - Admin_Russell93 Rpl
For those of you who may have closed today's maintenance notification bar without reading it carefully... Next Tuesday, Nov. 19 from 12:00 noon until 4:00 PM EST (BrickLink [...]
(20 months ago, Nov 12, 2019, to Administrative)
View Thread Remembering Dan - Admin_Russell8 Rpl
September the 24th is a very special day of the year for BrickLink. It marks the passing of the site's founder, Dan Jezek. There is a special banner running on our main page [...]
(21 months ago, Sep 24, 2019, to Administrative)
View Thread AFOL Designer Program Catalog Entries - Admin_Russell36 Rpl
Now that the AFOL Designer Program sales period is officially over, we have opened up BrickLink entries for all 13 models: (URL) We weren't originally going to do this, [...]
(24 months ago, Jul 1, 2019, to Administrative)
View Thread AFOL Designer Program - Final Week - Admin_Russell9 Rpl
Hello everybody, Just a friendly reminder that we are now in the final week of the AFOL Designer Program. After June 30, we will stop selling ADP sets and they will be classified [...]
(24 months ago, Jun 25, 2019, to Administrative)
View Thread German Seller Compliance - Admin_Cheyne (0)44 Rpl
Hello everyone! Wanted to take a moment and thank all of our sellers and the community for their immense patience regarding this situation and we truly do appreciate it. BrickLink [...]
(30 months ago, Dec 20, 2018, to Administrative)