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View Thread The LEGO Group acquires BrickLink - more FAQs - Admin_Russell27 Rpl
Dear BrickLink members, We've added several new FAQs based on the responses we have received since the announcement was made. You can see the updated list here: (URL) These [...]
(20 months ago, Nov 28, 2019, to Administrative)
View Thread Extended System Downtime - Admin_Russell93 Rpl
For those of you who may have closed today's maintenance notification bar without reading it carefully... Next Tuesday, Nov. 19 from 12:00 noon until 4:00 PM EST (BrickLink [...]
(21 months ago, Nov 12, 2019, to Administrative)
View Thread Remembering Dan - Admin_Russell8 Rpl
September the 24th is a very special day of the year for BrickLink. It marks the passing of the site's founder, Dan Jezek. There is a special banner running on our main page [...]
(22 months ago, Sep 24, 2019, to Administrative)
View Thread AFOL Designer Program Catalog Entries - Admin_Russell36 Rpl
Now that the AFOL Designer Program sales period is officially over, we have opened up BrickLink entries for all 13 models: (URL) We weren't originally going to do this, [...]
(25 months ago, Jul 1, 2019, to Administrative)
View Thread AFOL Designer Program - Final Week - Admin_Russell9 Rpl
Hello everybody, Just a friendly reminder that we are now in the final week of the AFOL Designer Program. After June 30, we will stop selling ADP sets and they will be classified [...]
(25 months ago, Jun 25, 2019, to Administrative)
View Thread German Seller Compliance - Admin_Cheyne (0)44 Rpl
Hello everyone! Wanted to take a moment and thank all of our sellers and the community for their immense patience regarding this situation and we truly do appreciate it. BrickLink [...]
(32 months ago, Dec 20, 2018, to Administrative)