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View Thread BrickStock Sub-condition - wilton1975 (13)1 Rpl
Hi all I have downloaded an XML version of my inventory via Brickstock. When I open it I do not see any way to specify a set's sub-condition ie incomplete or sealed. Is [...]
(12 months ago, Feb 16, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread Un-Part Out... - Slumberjack (685)2 Rpl
So I've accidentally parted out 1 more of a kit than I have. Is there some way of removing all the parts of a set from my inventory in one go in a similar way to how you'd [...]
(12 months ago, Feb 15, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread Palpatine's Arrest by Bag - dad2kat (3397)1 Rpl
Is there anywhere that I can find a set inventory broken down by bag number? I have found all 5 bags in the set Palpatine's arrest. One of the bags is open from what looks [...]
(12 months ago, Feb 14, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread Deleting inventories - edthevanman (329)5 Rpl
Can I delete all my inventory in one go, or do I have to delete each piece indivually? Many thanks Pam
(12 months ago, Feb 13, 2019, to Inventories)
View Thread Stickered parts, sets 60009-1 75872-1 75051-1 - clrv4000 (63)0 Rpl
I have a few stickered parts, acquired second-hand, from sets 60009-1, 75872-1 and 75051-1. I'd like to be able to inventory them properly in my collection, but all or most [...]
(13 months ago, Feb 4, 2019, to Inventories)

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