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 Author: VividBricks View Messages Posted By VividBricks
 Posted: Jun 12, 2020 09:35
 Subject: Split 32138 and 65098 as separate parts
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 Topic: Catalog Requests
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Please split items 32138 & 65098 into separate parts (similar to each other)
since the 65098 has a functional difference over 32138.

As shown in the instructions of 75181-1 (Y-wing UCS), the 32138 has a round hole
inside the pins to fit a bar or part with a bar-shaped end (such as 61184).

The 65098 has a more square-shaped hole inside the pins (reinforced). This means
it's no longer possible to fit a bar inside the pins anymore and the 65098
isn't suitable for sets such as the 75181-1.

Please see pictures for reference. The Yellow part is the 32138, the LB-Gray
part the 65098.

Thank you!