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 Author: Admin_Russell View Messages Posted By Admin_Russell
 Posted: Nov 28, 2019 22:09
 Subject: The LEGO Group acquires BrickLink - more FAQs
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Dear BrickLink members,

We've added several new FAQs based on the responses we have received since
the announcement was made. You can see the updated list here:


These newest FAQs are also copied below:


4. What changes does the LEGO Group have in store for the platform?

BrickLink was acquired by the LEGO Group because they are interested in strengthening
the connection with the AFOL community and finding new ways of doing this through
improvements to existing functions on the platform.

What exactly those improvements will be will become clearer once that deal has
been finalized. However, the LEGO Group are keen to make sure that the platform
develops in collaboration with the community – they’ve acknowledged that BrickLink
already serves its users very well and they aren’t planning to make changes straight

5. Will transaction fees increase going forward?

There are no plans to increase transaction fees at the moment.

6. Will anything change for sellers from BrickLink?

The LEGO Group has been clear that it won’t interfere with how sellers operate
or the healthy competition that exists in the marketplace. They see BrickLink
as a complementary service to their own parts selling services.

7. What about Studio and LEGO Digital Designer – what will happen with the
two digital building experiences since they’re quite similar?

The LEGO Group is planning to support and evolve Studio and will review opportunities
for both services following the closing of the deal.
 Author: Admin_Russell View Messages Posted By Admin_Russell
 Posted: Nov 12, 2019 23:03
 Subject: Extended System Downtime
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For those of you who may have closed today's maintenance notification bar
without reading it carefully...

Next Tuesday, Nov. 19 from 12:00 noon until 4:00 PM EST (BrickLink time) we will
perform system upgrades. The site will be down / unavailable during this 4-hour
window. Regular monthly maintenance is typically somewhat shorter.
 Author: Admin_Russell View Messages Posted By Admin_Russell
 Posted: Sep 24, 2019 13:08
 Subject: Remembering Dan
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September the 24th is a very special day of the year for BrickLink. It marks
the passing of the site's founder, Dan Jezek. There is a special banner running
on our main page today:


For more information about Dan, you may read here:



This year we also did something extra. There was a page of the site that Dan
never finished in the catalog credits section regarding PCCs. We have now finished
the page and are no longer purging the PCC log as of last night.


The part of the log that was previously purged will (eventually) be partially
reconstructed to at least show all PCCs submitted by each user.

PCCs (Part and Color Combination Codes - also known as Element IDs) have become
increasingly important in recent years as a means of synchronzing with other
sites and with the LEGO user base as a whole. When BrickLink was started, instructions
books did not contain parts lists, and PCC's were for the most part only
used internally by the LEGO Group.
 Author: Admin_Russell View Messages Posted By Admin_Russell
 Posted: Jul 1, 2019 20:46
 Subject: AFOL Designer Program Catalog Entries
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Now that the AFOL Designer Program sales period is officially over, we have opened
up BrickLink entries for all 13 models:


We weren't originally going to do this, but the popularity of the sets and
the chance to see them be enjoyed by an even larger group of AFOLs motivated
us to change the original plan.

So for all of you who missed your chance to buy an exclusive AFOL Designer Program
set, you may now put them on your wanted list and wait until an offer comes along
that appeals to you.

You may also purchase just the instructions or just the box. We plan to add inventories
for these sets over the next week or so, and the exclusive element will finally
become "known" in the BrickLink system.
 Author: Admin_Russell View Messages Posted By Admin_Russell
 Posted: Jun 25, 2019 11:43
 Subject: AFOL Designer Program - Final Week
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Hello everybody,

Just a friendly reminder that we are now in the final week of the AFOL Designer
Program. After June 30, we will stop selling ADP sets and they will be classified
as officially out of production.

Many of our customers have expressed confusion over the "backordered" status
of most of the remaining 12 sets. "Backordered" means that we do not have any
of these items in stock for immediate shipment, but we will manufacture them
at a later date.

So please, don't feel that you can't order something because it is in
"backordered" status. If you don't place an order this week, you will miss
your chance to buy it from us.

Here is the page where you can browse:


Thanks for your support!

 Author: Admin_Cheyne View Messages Posted By Admin_Cheyne
 Posted: Dec 20, 2018 11:07
 Subject: German Seller Compliance
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 Topic: Administrative
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Hello everyone!

Wanted to take a moment and thank all of our sellers and the community for their
immense patience regarding this situation and we truly do appreciate it. BrickLink
is dedicated to being compliant with German law.

Here are a few items being changed
1. Compliant Pay Button (Translated to German)
2. Compliant 0-3 Choking Hazard Warning Added (Footer, Checkout, and Image
listing popup)

(Please note this will only affect Buyers and Sellers in Germany)

Another issue was stated regarding shipping prices, please use Instant Checkout
or provide the proper shipping table in your store terms and shipping policies.
Please let us know of any further changes can be made so we may better assist

Thank you all again for your patience and understanding.

BrickLink Customer Support