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View Thread Spectacular faded pieces - Stuart9 (893)4 Rpl
Who says that faded pieces aren't worth keeping, they also sell when they look like this.
(6 months ago, Jun 1, 2021, to General)
View Thread bhol02 & bhol04 in Dark grey - Stuart9 (893)6 Rpl
Not only Dark grey but double logo, Lego on studs and underneath.
(6 months ago, May 31, 2021, to General)
View Thread bhol01 in trans green - Stuart9 (893)11 Rpl
Another oddity to prove you can't rule out other parts in strange colours. :)
(6 months ago, May 31, 2021, to General)
View Thread Selling collectable minifigures - Stuart9 (893)0 Rpl
Looking for views on collectable minifigures. I have a large number of these, estimated at 1000+ in new condition, plus others in used. These are from nearly all series so far [...]
(6 months ago, May 31, 2021, to General)
View Thread Prolonged store closure - Stuart9 (893)1 Rpl
Having struggled to cope with long distance house hunting, now made an offer, selling a property, under offer , crazy work conditions, caring, running a BL store and changing [...]
(6 months ago, May 26, 2021, to Announce)
View Thread Temporary store closure - Stuart9 (893)2 Rpl
Just for anyone interested. Store closing approx 7pm tonight ( U.K.time ) as I'm house hunting again. Plan to reopen 26th May. Stuart
(6 months ago, May 17, 2021, to General)
View Thread Lead olanters - Stuart9 (893)1 Rpl
Just thought I'd ask here if anyone has any experience in : buying, selling or valuing real vintage lead planters ( not faux ). These are extremely heavy and not [...]
(7 months ago, May 16, 2021, to Off Topic)
View Thread Feedback score - Stuart9 (893)2 Rpl
Hope the Chinese belief in 888 works for me, even if it's only for a short while. ;) Lottery he we come. :)
(7 months ago, May 13, 2021, to General)
View Thread Lego exchanged for non Lego items - Stuart9 (893)2 Rpl
I believe it has been done before but is this still acceptable if the Lego side goes through BL ? I'm talking about a vintage/antique farmhouse table with drawers ( not [...]
(7 months ago, May 2, 2021, to General)
View Thread Next few months - Stuart9 (893)4 Rpl
It's been a crazy 12 months for me and the next 12 months look similar. I've packed all my unlisted Lego as I'm hoping to move in the next few months. Just a heads [...]
(7 months ago, May 2, 2021, to General)
View Thread Quiet period - Stuart9 (893)12 Rpl
Oh well, seems I'm not showing up in searches or I've sold anything of interest. :) Hardly any visitors and no orders for four days, slowest I've been in a long [...]
(7 months ago, Apr 27, 2021, to General)
View Thread Temporary closure of shop - Stuart9 (893)0 Rpl
Closed for house hunting. :) Back soon.
(8 months ago, Apr 15, 2021, to Announce)
View Thread 3005 Letter prints - Stuart9 (893)0 Rpl
Anyone seen these 1 x 1's before in black print ? I have bricks with both blue and black print on the same brick and some with just black, all error bricks.
(8 months ago, Apr 15, 2021, to General)
View Thread Marbled versions of earliest baseplate bb0340 - Stuart9 (893)2 Rpl
Thought I'd ask if there is any point trying to add images of these to the catalogue or does the marbling and the block rule them out ? (Part bb0340) Thanks in advance. [...]
(8 months ago, Apr 10, 2021, to Catalog)
View Thread Earliest baseplates - Stuart9 (893)2 Rpl
Just a heads up for those collectors who frequent the forum and are interested in the early bricks/plates. I will be listing two of the earliest baseplates as seen in the catalogue [...]
(8 months ago, Apr 10, 2021, to Selling)
View Thread Nintendo N&B bricks - Stuart9 (893)1 Rpl
Anyone here in the U.K. found any in their purchases. Would like some just for reference, came in many sizes but 2 x 4's of main interest. Copies of others photo's enlarged [...]
(8 months ago, Apr 9, 2021, to Off Topic)
View Thread Sad news - Stuart9 (893)15 Rpl
I'm not a royalist, quite the opposite but my deepest sympathy to all the royal family, always awful losing a family member.
(8 months ago, Apr 9, 2021, to General)
View Thread No payment in PayPal, BL paid but not cleared - Stuart9 (893)4 Rpl
I still have a problem with a payment made for an order, it's been shown as pending clearance on BL for two weeks now ( exclamation mark and paid symbol ) but PayPal [...]
(8 months ago, Apr 8, 2021, to Help)
View Thread More marbled 2 x 3 bricks. - Stuart9 (893)2 Rpl
Coming soon to a store near you.;) Anyone interested ?
(8 months ago, Apr 6, 2021, to General)
View Thread Choosing category for odd item in gear - Stuart9 (893)0 Rpl
Presumably I need to include this in Photo frame category ? This is a 35mm photo slide holder.
(8 months ago, Apr 4, 2021, to Help)

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