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View Thread 76139 1989 Batmobile - StarBrick (5326)2 Rpl
... no words awesomely great design.... check the Lego site for more details drewl.....
(3 months ago, Nov 19, 2019, to New Sets)
View Thread Triple Force Friday - StarBrick (5326)0 Rpl
Anyone have an idea of the scale of this discount extravaganza on Oct 4th?
(5 months ago, Sep 28, 2019, to Sales)
View Thread Studio .... - StarBrick (5326)2 Rpl
... doesn't work here.
(5 months ago, Sep 21, 2019, to Related Software)
View Thread Fee payment discount for every 500 error...? - StarBrick (5326)0 Rpl
Fee payments are due for July 4th. I used to pay these fees almost instantly when they appear in the profile screen. After the latest 500 errors I decide not to pay until the last [...]
(8 months ago, Jun 21, 2019, to General)
View Thread Lots for sale = 1 , where is it? - StarBrick (5326)6 Rpl
(Part 24164pb02) So, this was the result: 1 lot for sale (pic1) Pic2 shows me where to find it.... What? Where??? What is wrong here?
(8 months ago, Jun 13, 2019, to Price Guide)
View Thread system 500 again ,,.,, - StarBrick (5326)0 Rpl
Get your heads OUT of the bin and fix this ASAP.... It's Sunday here, very busy time for shop owners and BL is OFFLINE all over the place! Again.
(9 months ago, May 26, 2019, to General)
View Thread LEPIN factory shut down - StarBrick (5326)36 Rpl
On the FB page of Beyond the Brick there is footage of the Lepin factory that was shut down today by Chinese police.
(10 months ago, Apr 26, 2019, to General)
View Thread Invoice of order WAY back.... ERROR??? - StarBrick (5326)5 Rpl
Yesterday, April 22nd, I received a copy of an invoice for order #185338 That is not one my orders, and certainly not a recent one... Content of the mail was empty, only this [...]
(10 months ago, Apr 23, 2019, to Problem)
View Thread learned a lesson (again...) - StarBrick (5326)5 Rpl
Buyer in Hong Kong choose not ship registered. Bad address provided, wanted to alter it AFTER order was shipped. Impossible.... Now: PP claim favoured for buyer. Step 1: stoplisted [...]
(11 months ago, Mar 25, 2019, to Shipping)
View Thread Looking for a Danish buyer to buy some items - StarBrick (5326)4 Rpl
... from a Danish store that only ships fully insured outside Denmark. So, I am looking for a Danish buyer who is willing to buy some parts from a Danish shop and then ship it [...]
(11 months ago, Mar 12, 2019, to Shipping)
View Thread 2636 in red - StarBrick (5326)3 Rpl
Might anyone have this in store but not listed (yet)?
(13 months ago, Feb 5, 2019, to Wanted)
View Thread Konajra's ERRV Grampian Don - StarBrick (5326)1 Rpl
For sale in my store, please contact me for details.
(13 months ago, Feb 3, 2019, to Selling)
View Thread 42 x 30602 in White - StarBrick (5326)1 Rpl
Looking for a seller that has 42 x 30602 in white, new. (Part 30602)
(13 months ago, Jan 25, 2019, to Wanted)
View Thread Arvo Brothers - StarBrick (5326)1 Rpl
Anyone heard of the fabulous Arvo Brothers who brought us their 911, Alien, Vespa, Kaneda's Bike and many other fantastic builds? FB hasn't been updated since a year....
(14 months ago, Dec 13, 2018, to LEGO)
View Thread ,,,,,where's an Admin when you need one...? - StarBrick (5326)0 Rpl
(16 months ago, Nov 3, 2018, to Catalog)
View Thread !!!!! DOWNLOAD your inventories NOW!!!! !!!!! - StarBrick (5326)1 Rpl
As there are stores with ZERO stock due to.... (dunno!!!) it is important to download and store your inventory safely NOW 1) via BrickStock 2) via this link: [...]
(16 months ago, Nov 3, 2018, to Selling)
View Thread stoplisted link gone? - StarBrick (5326)25 Rpl
Can anyone help me out here: I used to be able to see on who's stoplist I was. Now I can't seem to find that link on the stoplist-page: (URL) it's not there anymore...?
(17 months ago, Sep 15, 2018, to Help)
View Thread Here's where dev-time should have gone to - StarBrick (5326)6 Rpl
[...] No proper testing done before going live on this change perhaps? Looks like changing overall store settings without proper testing and communicating on it to the users. [...]
(17 months ago, Sep 14, 2018, to General)
View Thread 40289 Daigon Alley - StarBrick (5326)2 Rpl
Micro scaled Diagon Alley surfaces!!
(18 months ago, Aug 25, 2018, to New Sets)
View Thread Differentiate in SALES - StarBrick (5326)3 Rpl
Sales are nice thing, right? Scoring a bulk load of 1x1 plates you so desperately need for a long overdue project helps you move on! When 70% of the sales announcements concern [...]
(18 months ago, Aug 18, 2018, to Suggestions)

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