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View Thread Quote received...but I don´t.....?? - greenman (19817)2 Rpl
In my shop the quote-option is not available, but the last 5 days I received 2 quotes?? Because the option is not activated, I can´t do anything with these quotes. Only read [...]
(18 months ago, Feb 9, 2019, to Problem)
View Thread TROPICAL upload! - greenman (19817)0 Rpl
If you would like to build hundreds of Palm trees, bushes or whatever larger trees: I have just uploaded the parts for it. Trunks etc. in the correct Brown color! Also a LOT [...]
(23 months ago, Sep 17, 2018, to Sales)
View Thread Warehouse Summer Clean-Up. Huge SALE ! - greenman (19817)1 Rpl
YES! It´s that time of the year again.... Clean-up of our Warehouse: everything at least 30% off, many parts even 50% off ! On top of that: Anybody who orders 2,5 kg parts or [...]
(25 months ago, Jul 6, 2018, to Sales)
View Thread Help for solving an NSS from a Turkish buyer - greenman (19817)3 Rpl
After 18 years on BrickLink I need Help from you guys...:-) 2 things: - I am hit by an NSS from a newbie Turkish buyer, because we made a counting mistake with his order. [...]
(27 months ago, May 19, 2018, to Help)
View Thread Inventory Change Request for Set 60010-1 - greenman (19817)7 Rpl
Please make changes to the following inventory: (Set 60010-1) * Delete 1 Part 3029 Black Plate 4 x 12 Comments from Submitter: This 4x12 black Plate does NOT exist in this set. [...]
(76 months ago, May 15, 2014, to Inventories Requests)