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View Thread Help w/ Splash page to add Visitor tracker - Brickwilbo (1466)8 Rpl
Hello, We need your help with editing the Splash page. We've tried to add the link below to add a visitor tracker to my Splash page.(pic1). The brackets are replaced [...]
(14 months ago, Oct 28, 2018, to Help)
View Thread Where's the Note on Member when in a store? - Brickwilbo (1466)3 Rpl
Where's the note on member indicator when in a store?
(22 months ago, Feb 10, 2018, to Buying)
View Thread Catalog large image not working - Brickwilbo (1466)1 Rpl
The parts doesn't pop up as large image in Chrome. It works in Firefox. Is this a bug?
(22 months ago, Feb 9, 2018, to Catalog)
View Thread To Wantlist link broken? - Brickwilbo (1466)18 Rpl
Is the To Wantlist link broken? I suppose it should take me to the Wantlist. Clicking a part under Parts here doesn't work to, leads also to picture 2. (URL)
(24 months ago, Dec 15, 2017, to General)
View Thread Admin: complete Store verification process - Brickwilbo (1466)18 Rpl
Admin please complete the Store verification procedure completely and confirm to the new sellers. Daily new sellers complain about the lack of communication of BrickLink customer [...]
(24 months ago, Dec 9, 2017, to Suggestions)
View Thread Add IORR to Problem link on Order Detailspage - Brickwilbo (1466)5 Rpl
Hello Admin, Please consider adding a link to Item in Order Removal Request when clicking the Problem Order link on the Order Details page. Currently it's only possible [...]
(28 months ago, Aug 11, 2017, to Suggestions)
View Thread Cart View Stores clickable in new tab - Brickwilbo (1466)0 Rpl
Please make the Cart View Stores button right clickable in new Tab. It would make shopping and comparing so much easier.
(30 months ago, Jul 5, 2017, to Suggestions)
View Thread Add Community tab on top in a store - Brickwilbo (1466)0 Rpl
Hello Admin, Please add the Community tab back on top of the page when in a store. To go to Community now we have to either click the Bricklinklogo and end up at the homepage [...]
(30 months ago, Jul 3, 2017, to Suggestions)
View Thread Move new pop up login screen - Brickwilbo (1466)0 Rpl
Because the new pop up login screen pops up in the middle of the screen is it disappears under the also popping up keyboard on my mobile phone. Please consider moving it to [...]
(31 months ago, Jun 10, 2017, to Suggestions)
View Thread Add more options as landing page - Brickwilbo (1466)0 Rpl
[...] Please consider adding more landing page options as Forum etc. Thank you. [...]
(31 months ago, Jun 10, 2017, to Suggestions)
View Thread Make Information clickable directing Helppage - Brickwilbo (1466)0 Rpl
Please make the Information (I) clickable directing to the Helppage. Clicking it doesn't do anything.
(31 months ago, May 14, 2017, to Suggestions)
View Thread Brickwilbo Betuwe Bricks open again - Brickwilbo (1466)0 Rpl
Brickwilbo Betuwe Bricks is open again: (URL) Thank you.
(32 months ago, Apr 15, 2017, to Announce)
View Thread Warning: email from House of Logos - Brickwilbo (1466)0 Rpl
Hello, Warning in case you've also received an email from House of Logos. Delete it, do not click on the link*. Regards, Wilbert *Pictured link has been edited to prevent [...]
(36 months ago, Jan 8, 2017, to General)
View Thread Happy new year from the Netherlands. - Brickwilbo (1466)0 Rpl
Happy New year from the Netherlands!
(36 months ago, Dec 31, 2016, to General)
View Thread Store counter and last visited - Brickwilbo (1466)7 Rpl
My Bricklink is separated into a Seller and Buyer part. Sellers need to go to the Buyers My Profile to see the Store counter + Last visited. Please add it to the Seller side of [...]
(43 months ago, Jun 12, 2016, to Suggestions)
View Thread Remember Filter settings - Brickwilbo (1466)7 Rpl
Hi Admin, Please also create the option to remember 'My Filter settings'. Thank you.
(43 months ago, Jun 12, 2016, to Suggestions)
View Thread Shopping settings - Brickwilbo (1466)1 Rpl
Hi Admin, Please create the option to remember 'My shopping settings'. Thank you.
(43 months ago, Jun 12, 2016, to Suggestions)
View Thread Homepage - option to remove stores - Brickwilbo (1466)5 Rpl
On the homepage please add the option to turn off the suggested stores. Thank you.
(43 months ago, Jun 10, 2016, to Suggestions)
View Thread Outbox - Add link to sent invoices - Brickwilbo (1466)0 Rpl
Hi Admin, Please add a link to sent invoices in My Messages under Outbox: (URL) Sent invoices are already visible: (URL) FigBits discovery, see post: (URL) Thanks again FigBits. [...]
(43 months ago, May 21, 2016, to Suggestions)
View Thread Add Onsite Int'l option to exclude EU - Brickwilbo (1466)0 Rpl
The BL accepted payment method settings has two options: 1. "Within My Country I Accept Payment By" 2. "Internationally I Accept Payment By" Please add to Onsite the option to [...]
(47 months ago, Jan 21, 2016, to Suggestions)

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