BrickLink Community Experts

Catalog Administrator

Verifies and approves new items, images, and relationships submissions. Adds, deletes and maintains items, categories, colors, relationships, images and their attributes in the catalog. Has auto-approval on new item additions, new relationship additions and image uploads. Verifies and approves new catalog inventories. Makes corrections to existing inventories by adding, deleting or adjusting items in inventories. Gives and revokes Registered Inventories Verifier status to and from other members. Has auto-approval on inventories additions. Can edit both Catalog and Inventories help topics.

Active since Oct 31, 2020
4 Months

BricksThatStick has rejoined the catalog team after serving as an Inventories Admin from 2010-2011. He brings a practical approach to the catalog, informed by his experience as a BrickLink seller and Forum participant.

Active since Jan 5, 2021
2 Months

StormChaser has made multitudinous member contributions to all areas of the catalog, is a semi-accidental and autodidactic Dacta expert of sorts, and has an affinity for consistent accuracy.