BrickLink Community Experts

Inventories Administrator

Verifies and approves new catalog inventories. Makes corrections to existing inventories by adding, deleting or adjusting items in inventories. Gives and revokes Registered Inventories Verifier status to and from other members. Has auto-approval on inventories additions. Can edit Inventories help topics.

Active since Nov 2, 2018
2 years 2 Months

Randyf has improved the appearance and usefulness of BrickLink by adding thousands of color part images and standardizing item names and other catalog data. He is also a highly experienced inventories verifier.

Active since Apr 9, 2019
1 year 9 Months

Paulvdb has contributed a wide variety of items to the catalog and has done extensive work with inventories, most notably in the area of vintage sets. He also has many years of experience as a BrickLink seller.