BrickLink Staff & Volunteer Administrators

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The following are our Community Volunteer Admins. BrickLink Community Administrators donate their time and efforts to help keep BrickLink a fun and resourceful place. Without them, having a detailed catalog, accurate inventory, or informative community would not be possible.
Please do not contact Community Volunteers directly regarding issues that are addressed on the Problem tab.
Catalog Associate

Verifies and approves new items, images, and relationships submissions. Adds, deletes and maintains items, categories, colors, relationships, images and their attributes in the catalog. Has auto-approval on new item additions, new relationship additions and image uploads. Can edit in Catalog help topics.

Active since Mar 27, 2019
10 Months

Hygrotus has submitted many new items to the catalog with high-quality images and has inventoried many sets and minifigs since 2011. He specializes mainly in Star Wars, magazine sets (foil packs) and books.

Active since Sep 12, 2019
4 Months

BricksThatStick has rejoined the catalog team after serving as an Inventories Admin from 2010-2011. He brings a practical approach to the catalog, informed by his experience as a BrickLink seller and Forum participant.