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La Guerre des Briques - Site répertoriant les Lego Star Wars
     [Clicks: 1773]
LAFLRC - Lafayette Lego Robotics Club
     [Clicks: 1026]
Large Lego Technic projects - A website documenting Lego Technic projects
     [Clicks: 3512]
Laurenville Fire Department - lego fire dept.
     [Clicks: 772]
Le Site du NXT - Découvrez les bases de la robotique grâce aux LEGO MINDSTORMS.
     [Clicks: 117]
LEGO @ - Mostly Space-themed creations
     [Clicks: 912]
LEGO blog in Czech - Stavebnice LEGO
     [Clicks: 566]
Lego Castle Creations and Customs - My Personal Lego Castle Creations Website
     [Clicks: 2305]
Lego Construction Site - Fully fuctional scale construction vehicles with amazing detail to appearance!
     [Clicks: 5762]
Lego for warhammer Battle - Découvrez Warhammer Battle dans l'univers de Lego... Discover Warhammer Ba
     [Clicks: 1123]
Lego Mindstorms NXT - Sensors, MLCAD Model, link, & more ......
     [Clicks: 1825]
Lego Minifigures and Co - Collection of more than 1000 minifigures (common & rare)
     [Clicks: 143]
LEGO Mobile Cranes - Large Scale, LEGO Mobile Cranes by Anders Gaasedal
     [Clicks: 4455]
Lego rides UK - My lego creations of rides
     [Clicks: 671]
LEGO Star Wars Trilogy - Displays LEGO Star Wars picture stories
     [Clicks: 2054]
Lego Starships of Galactics Wars - Spaceships, moonbase and Exo-force.
     [Clicks: 1938]
Lego Township Fire Department - Official Website of the Lego Twp. Fire Department
     [Clicks: 1271]
LSW Project - Remake of "Star Wars IV" in brickfilm
     [Clicks: 2009]
Maciej's Lego Trucks - A lot of trucks in Model Team scale from Poland
     [Clicks: 2545]
Mario Ferrari's Homepage - Not only robotics, but some good ideas for trains and town layouts too
     [Clicks: 1090] - Leaving no brick unturned in the search for scandals
     [Clicks: 1512]
Mocs From The Heart - All creations by WorkFromTheHeart (Ruben Ras)
     [Clicks: 1004] - Persentation of personal collection, database of minifigs
     [Clicks: 654]
Nathaniel's Lego Creations - About LEGO creations; especially Pirates.
     [Clicks: 234]
Neo Classic Space - A tribute to LEGO's Classic Space era from 1979 to 1987
     [Clicks: 1211]
NeXTSTORM - A collection of standard LEGO and Mindstorms creations designed by NeXTSTOR
     [Clicks: 502]
NicJasno - Alex's LEGO Technic Workshop
     [Clicks: 2452] - MOCs of Nathan Todd
     [Clicks: 139]
Oxford Brick Art - Lego mosaics, pop art, original designs, custom mosaics
     [Clicks: 423]
Pallas Spaceworks - Military contractor for all your Aerospace needs
     [Clicks: 771]
Patrick Bosman's MOC site - (as stated)
     [Clicks: 1046]
Patrick's Lego Train Site - A nice train layout, with some ideas for new mocs
     [Clicks: 3143]
Pigmhall Lego - Lego picures of MOC's and more
     [Clicks: 256]
Pre-Classic Space - The repository of Chris Giddens' creations
     [Clicks: 980]
Red Blade Team - Red Blade Home Page
     [Clicks: 523]
Relics Sorting - LEGO Sorting Company
     [Clicks: 193]
Retrobricks - Vintage sets from the 50's, 60's and 70's
     [Clicks: 21]
Robofest - A playful Learning Environment for Science, Engineering, and Technology
     [Clicks: 1170]
Robova LEGO® stránka - Reviews, CAD, Mindstorms
     [Clicks: 424]
Rusbionicle - Bionicle in Russian
     [Clicks: 1551]
Saber Scorpion's Lair - Technic creations
     [Clicks: 1769] - Sariel's LEGO Technic creations
     [Clicks: 2877]
Sean Keeney - LEGO(R) model maker
     [Clicks: 198]
Star Wars II - The Original Trilogy
     [Clicks: 1358]
Star Wars ve Figurkách na CSWU - About Star Wars
     [Clicks: 906]
STUD-and-TUBE - Small models of animal and sculpture, and so on.
     [Clicks: 503] - Star Wars Mini Models and More!
     [Clicks: 6084]
Tabletown - Strange happenings in a large LEGO town
     [Clicks: 1781]
Tech_Man private collection - Internet archive of all my lego sets.
     [Clicks: 878] - Technic and pneumatic LEGO, NXT Mindstorms and GBC (Great Ball Contraption)
     [Clicks: 2319]
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