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 Communities, Clubs and LEGO Users Groups
Brick Alley LEGO User Group - Recognised LEGO User Group covering the North East of England.
     [Clicks: 103]
LNUR - LEGO Northern UK Railway - A coop of adult LEGO train fans based in the North of England & Scotland.
     [Clicks: 194]
The Brickish Association - The UK forum for Adult Fans of LEGO
     [Clicks: 1789]
 Other Sites
Blocks Magazine - Blocks magazine is a celebration of everything LEGO.
     [Clicks: 538]
Brick Pals - brick news, sets and reviews, mainly Star Wars
     [Clicks: 7]
Brick Town Talk - Fans of Cafe Corner (10182)
     [Clicks: 3320]
Bricks + Beers - Regular adult-only socials with LEGO bricks in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
     [Clicks: 93]
Bricks and Books - Bricks & Books a Lego and Discworld Blog and Fansite
     [Clicks: 1223]
Bricks McGee - LEGO blog featuring LEGO show reviews and AFOL interviews
     [Clicks: 51]
Brickset - LEGO Set Reference
     [Clicks: 1146257]
Cool Craft Creations.UK - UK - Zipper Bags, Packaging Supplies, Labels
     [Clicks: 846]
Custom Minifig - A site dedicated to custom minifigs with a forum and photos daily updates
     [Clicks: 1368]
Eurobricks Star Wars Forum Blog - See the newest spotlights from the Eurobricks Star Wars forum here!
     [Clicks: 4469]
Jon Samuel's Customs - My custom Lego Star Wars minifigs, as well as some TFs and other stuff.
     [Clicks: 1453]
Lego rides UK - My lego creations of rides
     [Clicks: 616]
lego star wars wikipedia - search for info on ang lego star wars character
     [Clicks: 703]
Little Coloured Bricks - A LEGO lovers blog
     [Clicks: 632]
Minifigures - A blog about my collection of minifigures
     [Clicks: 1375]
Oxford Brick Art - Lego mosaics, pop art, original designs, custom mosaics
     [Clicks: 399] - Sariel's LEGO Technic creations
     [Clicks: 2485]
Tabletown - Strange happenings in a large LEGO town
     [Clicks: 1763]
The Brick Issue - The newsletter of the Brickish Association
     [Clicks: 843]
The Lego Kit - Make your own LEGO minifigure using pre-made parts
     [Clicks: 14784]
Tranquility Base - A Classic Space comic strip about a busy spaceport
     [Clicks: 1194] - Lego Castle Site
     [Clicks: 3140]
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