List of BrickLink E-Mails

The following is a list of e-mails that BrickLink sends out and explanation of when and to whom they are sent out.

E-Mail Title When Sent Sent To
User-Customizable E-Mails
Coupon Notification Seller issues a coupon to buyer Buyer.
Order Invoice Seller sends an invoice to buyer Buyer, Seller (optional).
Order Notification Buyer submits order in seller's store Buyer, Seller.
Thank you, Drive Thru! Seller sends a Thank you, Drive Thru! e-mail to buyer after order is shipped. Buyer, Seller (optional).
Wanted List Notification Seller initiates wanted notification process. Member who has items matching on their wanted list.
System E-Mails
Address Change Notification Buyer changes their address All sellers who have an open order with that buyer that hasn't shipped yet.
Billing Invoice 1st of month if amount billed exceeds minimum Seller
Contact Message When contacting a member or store mailing list Recipient(s), Sender (optional)
E-Mail Change Confirmation Code Step 2, E-Mail Address Change Member changing their e-mail address
E-Mail Registration Confirmation Code New member registration Member registering
Membership Termination Notice Member is terminated by the BrickLink Administration All buyers and sellers with open orders with this member
Membership Merge Notice Membership account is merged into another account E-mail addresses of both profiles. All buyers and sellers with open orders with this member
Non-Paying Buyer Alert Seller initiates a Non-Paying Buyer Alert Buyer, Seller
Non-Responding Seller Alert Buyer initiates a Non-Responding Seller Alert Buyer, Seller
Non-Shipping Seller Alert Buyer initiates a Non-Shipping Seller Alert Buyer, Seller
Order Cancel Request Buyer or Seller initiates an Order Cancel Request Buyer, Seller
Order Cancel Order is Cancelled by buyer or seller Buyer, Seller
Order Item Removal Request Buyer or Seller requests to remove item(s) from order Buyer, Seller
Order Item Removal Request Action Buyer or Seller approves or denies request Submitter of request
Order Status Change BrickLink Administration changes status of order Buyer, Seller
Password Reset Request Member requests their password to be reset. Member who forgot password
Password Reset Completed Member has reset their password. Member who forgot password
Problem Item For Sale Deleted Item For Sale is deleted by BrickLink Administration. Seller
Store Automatic Closure Seller is notified if their store has been closed automatically per their automatic store closure setting. Seller
Store Inventory Purge Warning Seller is notified if not logged in for 180 days that items for sale will be purged if not logged in within 2 weeks of notice. Seller
Seller Registration (Inactive) New seller registation or upgrade from buyer to seller. Seller