File Old Orders

When an order is completed or cancelled and feedback is posted, it is a good idea to file it. By filing an order, it will be hidden from your orders placed or received page.

How to File or unFile an Order:

On your Orders Placed and Orders Received pages, there is a "file" column with a checkbox next to each order. Select which orders you want to file by checking the "file" checkbox next to the order and click "submit changes" to file the order. You can also "unFile" orders by clicking on the "filed" link on the orders placed and received pages and follow the same procedure for filing orders which will return them back to their active status and make them visible.

Buyer can file an order if the order status is Completed, Cancelled, OCR or the order status hasn't changed for the past 30 days. Seller can file an order if the order status is Shipped, Received, Completed, Cancelled or OCR.