Sellers can extend store credit to buyers by creating coupons which buyers can redeem in the seller's store upon placing a new order in the seller's store. Sellers can create coupons on the Create Coupon page and view or edit their coupons created on their Coupons Created page. Buyers can view their coupons received on their Coupons Received page.

Currently only one coupon can be applied per order and only on a new order submission (not addition to an existing order). The coupon percentage off or dollar amount off then applies to the dollar value of all future batches in the whole order.

The coupon value does not get deducted from the value of the order for fee calculation. The seller will owe a sales fee based on the original value of the order.

The buyer has an option to decline (refuse) a coupon on their Coupons Received page.

Before submitting an order in a store, a buyer is alerted if there are any open coupons for the buyer in that store and given an option to redeem the coupon on the order they are submitting. If there are 2 or more open coupons then the buyer is presented with a selection of which one to use. The buyer does not have to redeem a coupon and can save it instead to use on another order.

The credit from the coupon is stored in a separate location from the seller-entered credit field allowing the seller to still enter an additional discount separate from the coupon credit if a coupon is applied on an order. The credit from the coupon is summed with the seller-entered credit and displayed as credit applied towards the order on orders placed, download, invoices and other e-mails and web pages which include the credit field. On the seller's Orders Received page, the non-editable coupon credit value shows in its own column on the right of the credit entry box if there is a coupon applied to an order.

Coupon Type:
There are 2 types of coupons that a seller can create:
  1. Percentage Off Order Total - Gives credit of percentage off of raw order total
  2. Fixed Amount Off Order Total - Gives a fixed dollar amount credit towards order total.
Coupon Limit Discount:
Sellers can limit the discount of a percentage off type coupon to apply only towards the total of all items in an order which are a specified item type or which are all except a specified item type. For example: discount towards All Parts only (but no Sets and Minifigs). The default is no limit (discount applies towards the order total of all items in the order regardless of item type). Sellers can also limit the discount of a percentage off type coupon to exclude items on sale.

For instructions on how to change item type limit and items on sale limit on a created coupon on the Coupons Created page, view the Coupons Created Page for Sellers help topic.

Coupon Maximum Discount:
Sellers can enter a maximum dollar amount of discount when issuing a percentage off type coupon. If the $ amount discount exceeds this maximum when the coupon is redeemed then the $ amount discount becomes the maximum. The default is 0 (no maximum). When changing the coupon type from percentage off to fixed amount off, the maximum dollar amount is removed from the coupon.
Coupon Tiered Percentage Off:
Sellers can specify additional tiered levels of percentage off discount based on the total dollar amount of order total when issuing coupons to their buyers. Example:

10% off if order total is $10 or more
15% off if order total is $25 or more
20% off if order total is $50 or more

This additional tiered percentage off can be entered only when issuing a percentage off coupon. Enter 0 in all tiered fields to remove the tiered percentage discount.

Caution: If you specified a coupon limit to specific item type then the order total used to calculate the percentage off will be the total of all items in the order which are the specified item type and not the order total of all items in the order.

Coupon Status:
The lifetime of a coupon is defined by its status. The following is an explanation of each status a coupon can have:

 Status   Description 
 Open   Coupon has not yet been redeemed by the buyer. This is the default status when a coupon is created.
 Redeemed   Coupon has been redeemed by the buyer and applied towards receiving credit on an order.
 Declined   Buyer has declined (refused) the coupon.
 Expired   Coupon has passed its expiration date.

The seller can edit the coupon after it is created only if the coupon is in Open status. The seller can delete the coupon only if the coupon has not yet been redeemed.

  • Can't create a coupon for yourself.
  • Can't create a coupon for an unregistered member.
  • Can't create a coupon for a member who has not yet confirmed their e-mail address.
  • Can't create a coupon for a member who you have stoplisted or who has stoplisted you.
  • Expiration date is required and is maximum 1 year from today's date.