Price Guide

The Price Guide is available for every item in the catalog that has been sold at least once during the past six months. It shows prices of items currently for sale and provides a record of the last six months of sales, not including cancelled orders. Sellers may choose to view data about items for sale and orders received for all items or only for their own items. The Price Guide is unavailable for custom items and unsorted lots. Information is displayed in the following format:
  • Total Lots or Times Sold - Shows the total number of for-sale listings or times the item was sold.
  • Total Qty - Shows the total number of individual items for sale or sold among all lots.
  • Min Price - Shows the lowest price for sale or sold.
  • Avg Price - Shows the average price for sale or sold.
  • Qty Avg Price - Shows the average price by quantity for sale or sold.
  • Max Price - Shows the highest price for sale or sold.
The Price Guide may be accessed from the following pages:

  • Catalog Entries - Viewable by selecting the Price Guide tab.
  • My Inventory - Viewable by clicking the Price link next to each item or selecting the Summary link in the upper right of the page.
  • Sell Item - Viewable in Step 2 after selecting the item details.

The Price Guide may also be used to prefill prices when parting out a set and several options are selectable.
To change personal settings visit the My Price Guide Settings page.