One-Time PIN


In relation to the added security features that we are implementing on BrickLink, we are introducing One-Time PIN (OTP) to our seller features.

This feature is only accessible to sellers. This was initially an opt-in feature but we made a decision to turn into an opt-out one as an increased security measure.

What is One-Time PIN (OTP)?

One-time PINs are a form of two-factor authentication. They're unique codes, received through email, that help prevent unauthorized users from accessing seller features on your account. The codes must be entered on the BrickLink website to gain access to seller features.

How does it work?

When a BrickLink seller tries to access certain seller features, they'll first have to go through OTP authorization. You'll receive an email with a unique code which you'll enter when prompted. You're then granted access.

How do I disable OTP?

If you have One-Time PIN (OTP) turned on in your store settings, accessing certain pages (see ‘What parts of the site does OTP protect?’ below) will trigger an email with a temporary code that will be sent to your BrickLink email. Once you paste the code into the field, all store pages will become available again.
To disable OTP:
  • go to your store management settings page,
  • navigate to the Management tab,
  • scroll down to the new Store Security section,
  • uncheck the ‘Enable One-Time PIN’ box,
  • click on the ‘Save settings’ button.

How do I turn OTP on?

One-Time PIN (OTP) must be turned on in your store settings. Click here to go to your store management settings. You can also hover your mouse over the My Store tab in the BrickLink header and click the Settings link. Navigate to the Management tab and scroll down to the new Store Security section. To turn on One-Time PIN, you must enter a confirmation code from your email. Once this code is successfully submitted, the OTP function will be enabled until you disable it. This acts as your first OTP verification and starts your 60-day countdown. Each device that is used to access your store must go through its own OTP process.

What do I do if I can’t receive BrickLink emails?

First, check your inbox spam filter. If that does not solve the issue, contact the BrickLink Help Desk for additional support.

What parts of the site does OTP protect?

One-Time PIN (OTP) protects access to certain seller features to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your store data in the event they obtain your login credentials.
The following areas are protected by OTP:
  • Store Settings
  • Order Management
  • Problem Orders
  • Inventory Management

How long does OTP verification last? / How often do I need to enter an OTP?

OTP verification lasts for 60 days at a time on a single machine ID. The machine ID refers to a specific browser on a single device only, like a fingerprint. When you log in from a different browser or use a private/incognito browser mode, you must use OTP again since they are different machine IDs.

Is OTP the same as two-factor authentication (2FA)?

OTP is a form of two-factor authentication.

Will OTP guarantee protection of my account?

OTP will certainly add an additional level of security. However, we strongly advise all our members to practice good data security. Keep your systems up-to-date with the latest patches, use security software, and create strong, unique passwords for each website you use.

Can I receive OTPs to a phone number?

Currently, one-time PINs can only be sent to email addresses. You can access the OTP email from a different device, such as your mobile phone, to increase security.

Will this impact integrations with third-party inventory managers?

No, One-Time PIN (OTP) should not impact integrations with third-party inventory managers like BrickStore.