Item Weight

Item weight in grams may be added or changed for all items in the reference catalog with the with the Change Item form. Sellers also have an option to enter custom weights for items. The custom weight is used whenever both catalog weight and custom weight are present on an item for sale or ordered.

  • Custom Weight - Sellers can enable the custom weight entry field in the Store / Inventory Options field of their Store Settings page. This enables entering custom weights for any item for sale in a seller's inventory, including items without catalog entries. Catalog weights, when present, are displayed below the weight entry field on the seller's inventory detail page. Sellers can view items in their inventory missing catalog or custom weights by clicking the Show More Options link under the Search My Inventory section on the right side of the My Inventory page.

  • Weight for Incomplete Sets - Weights for incomplete sets always show as unknown.

  • Weight for Packaged Items - Catalog weights for packaged items should reflect an unopened state, meaning all packaging is included in the weight.

  • Weight in Shopping Cart - Buyers can choose in their Store Shopping Settings to show weight of items in a shopping cart. Sellers can choose to not show weight in their store's shopping cart even when buyers choose to show it.

  • Weight on Order Detail Page - Buyers and sellers can select on the My Orders Settings page to show weight of items on the order detail page. When this setting is activated the seller can always see the weight on orders received. The buyer can also see weight on orders placed except on orders where the seller has opted-out of showing weight in their store's shopping cart.

  • Weight Variability - Weighing any item must take into account the effects of shock loading, wind loading, vibration, scale cleanliness, air pressure, temperature, humidity, and other factors. For LEGO items, small differences in plastic thickness for parts, part variants, packaging differences, and other factors can affect weight. For all of these reasons, BrickLink catalog weights should always be considered a general guide and not a scientific enterprise.

  • DISCLAIMER - Item weights are supplied by BrickLink members and are not guaranteed to be accurate. Buyers and sellers should not rely solely on BrickLink weights to determine package weight and shipping costs. The weight provided may not be accurate, may be missing for some items, and does not include the seller's shipping materials.

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