PayPal for Marketplaces FAQ

PayPal for Marketplaces FAQ

  • Do I need a PayPal Business account to use PayPal for Marketplaces?

    No. BrickLink sellers have received special permission to use PayPal for Marketplaces with both personal and business accounts.
  • How do I get my account set up?
    You can find onboarding instructions on this page . You will need to switch to PayPal for Marketplaces on the Payments page in Store Settings.

  • Will BrickLink hold my order payments in escrow?
    We have not chosen to implement escrowed payments at this time. For now, PayPal will handle all payment distribution.
  • Should I contact BrickLink or PayPal if I have a problem with a payment?
  • If you have a problem with a PayPal payment, please contact PayPal’s Customer Support Team. With the integration path we have chosen, PayPal remains responsible for fraud management and will continue handling customer disputes and chargebacks.

  • Which countries and currencies are supported by PayPal for Marketplaces?

    PayPal for Marketplaces allows you to accept payments in currencies across the globe, including:

        • Canadian Dollars
        • Euros
        • British Pounds
        • U.S. Dollars
        • Japanese Yen
        • Australian Dollars
        • New Zealand Dollars
        • Swiss Francs
        • Hong Kong Dollars
        • Singapore Dollars
        • Swedish Kronor
        • Danish Kroner
        • Polish Zlotys
        • Norwegian Kroner
        • Hungarian Forints
        • Czech Koruny
        • Israeli Shekels
        • Mexican Pesos
        • Brazilian Real (for Brazilian customers only)
        • Malaysian Ringgits (for Malaysian customers only)
        • Philippine Pesos
        • New Taiwan Dollars
        • Thai Baht
        • TRY for Turkish Liras (for Turkish customers only)
        • Russian Rubles

    Premier and Business account holders have additional flexibility for managing multiple currency payments.

  • How long do I have to migrate my account?

    There will be a 2-month grace period before PayPal's Adaptive Payments solution is deprecated on April 21st, 2018.

  • What about privacy and security?

    You do not need to be concerned about your information being stolen by hackers. Your PayPal account information is not stored on BrickLink.