Global Shopping Cart

The new Global Shopping Cart allows you to manage multiple BrickLink store carts with ease. Use Global Shopping Cart to quickly resolve issues with cart items, filter items by their source, determine if you have carts in any closed stores, and easily move cart items to Wanted List.
Accessing Global Shopping Cart
You can access Global Shopping Cart by clicking the cart icon in the navigation bar or by hovering over the cart icon and clicking the Show All Carts link.
An item’s source is the method by which it was added to your cart. Since items can be added to a store cart via multiple sources, some store carts will have multiple source tags.

Source Categories

  • Wanted List
  • Easy Buy
  • Imported
  • Manual

Note: Using the Wanted Listed feature inside stores will be considered a Wanted List source.

Source Names

  • Wanted List Method: When an item is added to a cart via Wanted List, the source name will match the name of the list used.
  • Manual Method: When an item is added to a cart manually, the source will show as the date the item was added to a cart.
  • Easy Buy Method: When an item is added to a cart through Easy Buy (from the Build Gallery or from Wanted List), it will be listed as Easy Buy source.
  • Imported Method: When an item is added to a cart through the Import function, it will be listed as an Imported source.

    Source names in the Easy Buy and Imported categories can be renamed by clicking the edit icon (max 25 characters). If a duplicate source name is entered, the system will add a (#) to the end of it.

    How to Filter by Source

    Select a source in the right-hand panel to only view carts containing items from that source.

  • Import & Export
    Use the import and export functions to share store carts with other BrickLink users. When a store cart is exported, it is turned into a .cart file that can only be used on BrickLink.
    • Importing Carts: Click the Import button to upload a cart file. When a file is imported, all carts, lots, and quantities will appear with the new source as Imported. You will be asked to rename the source before the import is complete.

    • Exporting Carts: Select the carts you wish to export before clicking the Export button. You will be shown an export summary including the total number of stores, lots, and items you are about to export to a file before continuing.

    Carts that Require Attention
    A cart with an issue preventing checkout will be flagged with a red icon. Click View cart to determine and resolve cart issues.

    • If store is closed, it is considered as a cart with an issue.
    • When a seller closes their store, the cart will be considered as a cart with an issue during the 30-minute window the buyer has to complete their purchase.
    Cart Changes
    When something about a cart has changed (e.g. an item price has changed or the store changed it's VAT rate), it will be flagged with a yellow icon. Click View cart to determine and resolve cart changes.