Price Quote

The purpose of the Price Quote feature is to provide an option for buyers to request a quote before entering into an order contract. The buyer will know the final cost of an order before placing the order, while the seller can suggest a final price without holding inventory.
Accessing Price Quotes
  • Buyers: Hover over the My BL icon in the top menu bar to access your requested quotes.
  • Sellers: Hover over the My Store icon in the top menu to access your received quotes.
How to Request a Quote (for buyers)

Most stores on BrickLink have enabled the Price Quote feature to give their buyers an option to know the final cost of shipping and handling before committing to an order. If price quote requests are enabled and available for the shipping method selected, the Request a Quote button will appear in the Order Summary box on the right once you reach step 3 of the checkout process.

Sellers are required to respond to price quote requests within three days. 


How to accept or reject quotes received from stores

You should receive a quote from the store within 3 business days of sending a quote request. If you would like to accept the quote and commit to an order, click the Order button on the Quote Detail page. A new order will be automatically generated and an automatic order confirmation email is sent to the buyer and seller.

If you do not take any action on the quote it will automatically cancel after 3 business days.

How to Enable, Process, and Send Price Quotes (for sellers)
Enabling quote requests in your store

Price quotes can only be enabled with manual-invoice shipping methods. You can enable price quote requests in your store by taking these steps:

  • Select the Allow Price Quote requests option on the Management page in Store Settings.

  • Visit the Shipping page in Store Settings. There will be an option to allow price quote requests inside the settings for each shipping method set to manual invoicing.

  • Processing and sending price quotes

    1. Hover over the My Store icon and click Quotes to view a list of price quote requests received in your store.
    2. Click on the quote ID number to view the Quote Request Summary--this will include the quote items, insurance/shipping preferences, and desired shipping address of the requestor.
      1. Based on the quote request summary, calculate what the requestor would pay for shipping, handling, and any additional fees.
    3. Navigate back to Quotes and enter all charges you've calculated into the appropriate fields. Click Submit Changes to save your work. 
    4. Next, click the Send Quote icon next to the appropriate quote request. A preview page will be generated for review before the quote can be sent back to the requestor.
    5. Scroll to the bottom of the quote preview page and click the Quote button to finalize & and send the price quote to the requestor.


    Additional information:

  • You are not obligated to hold the item(s) for the buyer, but please respond within 3 business days of receiving a quote request. If no action has been taken within 3 business days, the quote will automatically cancel. 
  • Both buyer and seller required to respond to quote requests / issued quotes within 3 business days (weekends are not included). Holidays are counted as business days unless they fall on the weekend. Time-tracking is based on BrickLink’s website time (EST), and quote data will be purged from the server after 1 month.
  • You can add quote items to a wanted list at any time by clicking the Add Quote Items to Wanted List button on the quote summary page.
Price Quote Status Information
  • Requested: The requester/buyer has asked for a quote, and the seller has yet to respond. The buyer can add batches to the quote at this time.
  • Quoted: The seller has submitted a quote for the buyer, and the buyer has yet to accept it.
  • Accepted: The buyer/requester has accepted the proposed order total by clicking the "Order" button on the Quote Details page. Once this is done, a new order will be created and an invoice with the quoted price will automatically be sent to the buyer. For the seller, a new order will be created that has been automatically invoiced.
  • Canceled: There are 3 possible cases that a quote would be canceled:
    1. The seller did not provide a quote within 3 business days.
    2. The buyer/requester did not take any action on the quote within 3 business days of receiving it.
    3. The items in the quote sold out before order was generated.