Problem with E-Mail


Many users have reported that they are unable to confirm their email address and are "stuck in an endless loop". We have determined that there is a bug in the system that is generating an incorrect link in the confirmation email when new buyers click the "resend email confirmation" link during the checkout process.

If your situation sounds similar, please use the following link to resend your confirmation email:
***If you use one of the old emails from us to confirm your account, you will continue to be unsuccessful. Please make sure that you use the confirmation link in the most recent email from us (after resending from the link above) to confirm your account.***

We sincerely apologize for any frustration this issue has caused and are working on fixing this bug as soon as possible.

If you do not receive an email to confirm your email address at all, please review the troubleshooting suggestions below.

Problem Receiving BrickLink Emails
The most common BrickLink emails which are reported to either not arrive or arrive after a significant delay are order invoices, password reset requests, and other notification alerts. The most common email servers to cause these issues are AOL, Apple, and Yahoo.

If you are not receiving emails from BrickLink, there's nothing that we can do. The cause is probably:

  • The e-mail ended up in your spam or bulk folder.
  • Your ISP is blocking the email (the most common are AOL, Apple, Yahoo, and Netscape).
  • One of the ISPs that the email travels through before it reaches your inbox could be down at the moment which is causing a delay and you will eventually receive the e-mail.


  1. Check your spam or junk folders to make sure our emails haven't been sent there by mistake.
  2. Visit your Email Security Settings and add us to your safe sender's list ( and
  3. If you still aren't receiving our emails, please contact your internet service provider directly via email or phone to request that BrickLink emails are not filtered.

If you did not receive an invoice and the order detail screen indicates that an invoice was sent, you can view your invoice online in My Messages. The invoice is sent there if you selected to receive your invoices to My Messages in your Contact Settings.