Items Marked for Deletion and Unreleased Items

Some items in the BrickLink catalog are Marked for Deletion or flagged as Unreleased. These terms are explained below.

Items Marked for Deletion:
Any item in the catalog can be marked for deletion. Items are typically marked for deletion because either the catalog entry is incorrect or the entry is being split. When there are no more items for sale or items in orders tied to that catalog item, then the catalog entry is removed. Items marked for deletion have the following restrictions:

  • Cannot be listed for sale, except through part-out when the item exists in an inventory or through reversing orders via cancellation.
  • Cannot be added to wanted list.
  • Cannot be added to a new catalog inventory.
  • Does not show in download of catalog items.

Unreleased Items:
Unreleased items are those for which there is no proof of existence. In addition to having the restrictions of an item marked for deletion, unreleased items do not show in catalog search and browse results. Unreleased items may be added to the catalog when an image exists, but only sets at this time due to system limitations. If an existing catalog entry is later discovered to have been unreleased, then the item is either flagged as such when an image exists or marked for deletion in the absence of an image.