Changing Store Currency

You can change your store prices to another currency in your Store Settings page. Before you can change your store currency:

  • Coupons - All coupons that you have issued must be in redeemed or declined status. You must delete all your coupons in open and expired status. Visit your Coupons Created page to delete your coupons.

  • Shopping Cart - When you change your store currency and buyers have items in their shopping cart still in your previous store currency, they will be prompted with an error message and their shopping cart contents deleted. If you have a busy store, it is recommended that you close your store, wait at least 1 hour, then change your store currency and prices of your items for sale and then reopen your store.
After your store currency is changed:
  • Orders - Different store currency creates a new order. A buyer cannot add to an existing order in a different base currency than your current store base currency. Totals on the bottom of the orders received page will not show for 6 months from the date you change your currency.

  • Order Item Removal Request - Items removed from an order cannot be returned back to the seller's inventory if the base currency of the order item is different than the seller's current store base currency.

  • Cancelling an Order - If the order base currency is different than your current store currency, orders cannot be cancelled via the basic cancel method and can only be cancelled by editing the items first before they are returned back to your inventory. In step 1 of the order cancel process, you will be prompted with a warning that the items on the order are in a different currency than your current store prices and to adjust your prices before returning the items back to your inventory.

  • Changing Your Prices - The system doesn't adjust your prices when you change your store currency, it only changes the currency. Ex. if you change your currency from USD to EUR, the price of your item will be changed from 1 USD to 1 EUR. You can increase or decrease your prices in your whole inventory at once on your My Inventory page by a certain percentage. Select option "Put items on sale" and apply a negative percentage to increase your prices or a positive percentage to decrease your prices. Press the submit button and then select option "Make sale prices (and all tier prices) the base prices".

  • Changing My Cost - The system doesn't adjust your cost prices. You can increase or decrease your cost in your whole inventory at once on your My Inventory page by a certain percentage.

  • Exchange Rates - The system will use exchange rates from to display your prices in another currency and convert the order grand total to the currency in which the buyer selects to pay for the order in if you accept additional currencies other than your store base currency. Read more on exchange rates in the Exchange Rate Policy.