Store Payment Methods

BrickLink offers several different payment methods and provides two payment types: Onsite and Offsite. Sellers can choose which payment methods/types they will accept in their Store Settings. All the selected methods will be displayed to buyers at the checkout.

Onsite Payment

Onsite Payment is a feature that allows buyers to pay for their order after the seller issues an invoice without leaving BrickLink. Buyers will see a Pay button on their My Orders Placed, Order Details, or My Messages page. Payments that are accepted will deposit directly into the seller’s connected account.

Supported Payment Methods

  • PayPal - Online payment service. If PayPal for both Onsite and Offsite Payment is enabled, they will both show up at checkout and are treated as different payment methods.
  • Stripe - Online payment service that lets sellers accept major credit/debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Discover, Diners Club and JCB.

Enabling Onsite Payment

For stores that opened on or after November 18, 2015, Onsite Payment is enabled by default. For stores that opened prior to that date, sellers can connect their Stripe and/or PayPal account under “Onsite Payment” in My Accepted Payment Methods page


If you have a Micropayments account, you can deposit accepted payments equal or lesser than designated cut-offs into your Micropayments account. To use Micropayments account on BrickLink, You have to enable PayPal Onsite first and then you can connect your Micropayments account. You must have a separate PayPal account that has the Micropayments fee structure.

Please note that BrickLink is not responsible of any fee issues caused by using Micropayments account such as overcharge from conversion rate, wrong Cut-off amount, PayPal’s policy change on Fees, etc. To set up more accurate Cut-offs, BrickLink highly recommends to check on PayPal’s user agreement for your country on a regular basis.

To opt in Micropayments, Check “Add a Micropayments account” on the PayPal Onsite Payment section. Once checked, the section will be expanded to let you enter Micropayments account information. Enter your PayPal email address and Full name of your Micropayments account. After it’s connected successfully, you have to enter each Cut-off amount for domestic and everywhere else. (For US sellers, $11.90 is entered by default.) You can add/set a Cut-off for each country. Please note that currency for Cut-off amount is based on your store currency.

Please note that changing country information can also change Cut-off information for orders. When you change your country information, please make sure to set right cut-offs for each country.

Offsite Payment
Offsite payment methods (including IBAN) are available only by special permission by contacting the Help Desk. Normally a minimum of 10 positive selling reviews (feedback) and 3 months of selling experience are required to enable offsite payments. Exceptions may be made in countries which do not accept PayPal or other common onsite methods.

BrickLink provides various offsite payment method options in stores which were created before June 8, 2017 or have since received special permission to use offsite methods. Please note that BrickLink cannot provide any transaction related support for the offsite payment methods listed below. All responsibility for offsite payments is solely upon buyer and seller.

Supported Payment Methods

  • American Express - credit card accepted directly by the seller
  • Bank Transfers- bank-to-bank transfers, money exchanged directly between banks
  • Cash (no COD) - cash in advance of shipment, mailed to the seller
  • Cashiers Checks - checks issued by a bank cashier, mailed to the seller
  • COD (Cash On Delivery) - cash accepted upon delivery of goods
  • Discover - credit card accepted directly by the seller
  • Google Checkout
  • IBAN (Europe Only): International bank transfer between European banks
  • Money Orders - money order, mailed to the seller
  • - online payment service
  • - online payment service
  • - online payment service
  • - online credit card payment service in Australia.
  • - online payment service
  • Serve (formerly Revolution Money Exchange) - online payment service
  • Personal Checks - checks written from a personal account, mailed to the seller
  • USPS Money Orders - money orders from the US Post Office which can be cashed at any US Post Office
  • Visa/Mastercard - credit cards accepted directly by the seller
  • Western Union Money Transfers - money transfer service

Here is a brief explanation of the types of services:

  • Online payment services - transfer money between accounts. This requires both the seller and buyer to have an account with that service. Many of them accept credit card payments to fund accounts.
  • Online money order services - mail a money order to the seller. Many of them allow credit cards to purchase the money order.
  • Credit cards - accepted directly by the seller. This means you will have to give the seller your card number so they may complete the transaction.
  • Mailed payments - are expected to be received before your order is shipped.
  • COD (Cash on Delivery) - is the only method of payment accepted after the product is shipped.
Amending the payment method for an existing order

The seller can amend any order’s payment method by clicking on the "My Note on Order/Edit Order" icon ( / ) on their Orders Received page (it has a blue pin when you have a note on the order). You must first enable this icon in your customized Orders Received Settings.

Onsite Payment methods cannot be changed once payment has been processed, and order status cannot be changed to Pending, Processing, or Ready.